Eco Egg Review

Eco Egg Review

Gifted – I was gifted this product for my business showcase series, all views and opinions are my own!

Eco Egg, they’re amazing and if I could I’d just write that! Check them out on the Eco Egg Website!

I’ve been looking at new ways to lower my carbon footprint at home, little swaps that don’t cost a fortune and aren’t going to mess up my routine and by golly, I think I found one. I was watching shop well for the planet and Eco Egg was featured several times and I thought to myself, that’s something I NEED to try and now I have.

With this one simple product you can eliminate tons of plastic bottles every year and that’s exactly what I’m doing now that I’ve made the switch!

I used to buy one new bottle of liquid every month for my washing machine. That’s 12, single-use plastic bottles that I would be purchasing, now I’ve made the switch I have ditched the 12 bottles and reduced my plastic waste! Each bottle I would buy would do 28 washes, which I thought was great. One refill pack for the Eco Egg gives me 50 washes and costs the same, it’s a no brainer!

What Is The Eco Egg?

Eco Egg is your sustainable alternative to the washing machine liquid you buy every time you go shopping! It’s much cheaper, lasts longer and in my opinion, it looks cooler! They’ve won awards, been featured on television and have been one of the best selling eco products on Amazon with amazing, glowing reviews!

Personally I always check out the reviews on any products that I buy. I take a look at the reviews others have given the products, I take a look at the listing for more information and I also do a little research on the company! I’ve taken a look at Eco Egg on Trustpilot and I’ve seen a few things I wanted to raise.

I’ve not tried their dryer egg I’m afraid so I can’t comment on that however there are various reviews on them so take a look. So I just wanted to point out that I will not be including the dryer egg in this Eco Egg review.

What I will say is people moan about the smell fading, however, that isn’t something that I’ve found at all and I’ve used mine several times without the scent being lost. You can however buy scent-free Eco Egg refills, which I prefer to use and that may be people’s issues.

You can take a look at the Trustpilot reviews yourself, however, I feel that in my opinion, I’d give them a four-star, unlike many other people who may have left a review. However, I’ve been very honest in my own Eco Egg review and hopefully helped!

Why Pick Eco Egg?

So I feel like I’ve given many points as to why you should consider changing to Eco Egg in the future to reduce your carbon footprint. However, the one thing I didn’t mention is that they come in a few colours and although I have the blue egg, they come in three different colours and I still really want the other two!

So if you like to collect things, get all three colours and you’ll be able to be eco for longer! You can take a look at all their colours on their website or on Amazon and buy your own! Each colour has its own scent.

I’d love to know if you’re already using Eco Egg and what you think about them! Like I said there are loads of Eco Egg reviews online so don’t just take my word for it but I hope this Eco Egg review has helped out and you’ve found out more information!

I’d also like to point out that I’ve been using my Eco Egg for a few weeks now and have still had no issues. So I wanted to make sure I’ve used my egg long enough before I wrote this Eco Egg review so that I gave my full opinion!