Eco-Friendly Children’s Toys Gift Guide

Some items have been gifted for the post.

If you’re looking for Eco-Friendly Children’s Toys then you’ve come to the right place. Every year you’re probably getting children’s toys for Christmas and finding out that they don’t last that long, they’re a little boring or they’re full of plastic and what’s worse, that plastic can’t be recycled. With the Eco-Friendly Children’s Toys I’m putting in this gift guide, you won’t have to worry about that ever again!

Chicco Balance Bike

So I did totally have to steal this photo from their website because I was unable to take a picture due to its size and the fact it has already been claimed and used! I would like to say that it comes in recyclable packaging material so you won’t have any issues with unwanted plastic and the bike itself is made from recycled plastic!

There is literally no waste when it comes to getting this bike. It’s sturdy and if you’ve got a loved one with a child whos around the age where they are getting out and exploring, this is the perfect and very affordable gift.

Pear Shaped Game

Christmas, everything can go a little pear shaped at times, can’t it? Well, make sure your Christmas goes pear shaped for all the right reasons this year! This pear shaped game will have everyone involved and making amazing memories without any disasters going on in the background, well unless you burn the turkey that is! Also will you look at just how cute it is!!

The Platable children’s Book!

When it comes to Eco-Friendly Children’s Toys you can’t get much more eco-friendly than a book you can plant! You plant this book when you’re doing it and watch it grow into something beautiful. It is literally the gift that keeps on giving and a fantastic way to teach children about waste and nature. If you’re looking to gift something a little more quirky this Christmas, this plantable book is the thing!

Chicco Stacking Cups & Stone Balance

About time we got some environmentally friendly children’s toys don’t you think? These toys are sustainable, they’re made from at least 80% recycled plastic, their packaging is recyclable and they care about their products. They’re made to last, unlike toys that are made to only just last Christmas.

The Chicco toys are affordable, and sturdy so aren’t going to break and they are some of the best on the market. They’re great for young children who are starting to learn and explore and they look great. If you know a new parent this Christmas, think about getting them something from Chicco!