Eco Friendly Gifts For Christmas – Eco Friendly Gift Guide

I love Christmas and there’s nothing better than gifts that make a difference! This isn’t going to be a huge list because I don’t want the amazing products here to get lost in an endless chain of gifts that you might get if you feel like it. Instead, I want people to be interested in these gifts and really think about the impact that they can make!

Eco Rascals – Eco-Friendly Table Set

Having a child can be hard work and there’s nothing worse than worrying about all the plastic you’re throwing in the bin. We all know that parents throw away loads of broken plastic bowls and plates when their children have had enough and throw them on the floor. This is why I bring you the more eco-friendly Eco Rascals table set!

The set comes with a suction section on the table set which means any child won’t be able to throw them on the floor. Perfect for any parent this Christmas who is constantly fed up with cleaning the floor. It won’t stop the child from throwing their food around but it will prevent parents from having to endlessly buy new plates and bowls all the time.

These table sets are made up of bamboo, they’re more eco-friendly and in my opinion, look a whole lot better. They have different animals and colours available depending on what you want to gift someone and so many more products on their website! So check out Eco Rascals if you want to give a parent a more meaningful gift this Christmas!

Moshulu Men’s Recycled Felt Full Slippers

Let’s face it, dads, granddads, uncles etc. will all be opening slippers this Christmas because what else do you buy them? Well, why not get them some slippers that actually stand for something, you know instead of the generic £4 slippers that will end up in a landfill before the new year comes?

These Moshulu slippers are just the thing you need to get that loved one this year, well these and socks of course. The felt upper is made from 100% recycled bottles, which I love because I’m always using way too many plastic bottles so I know they’re going somewhere amazing. They’re comfortable, feel great and compared to other recycled slippers on the market, these are priced really well!

Homethings – Laundrythings – Dishthings!

This year I’m trying to go a little more eco-friendly and in my opinion, there’s nothing more eco-friendly than homethings. You may have seen them on Dragons Den, that’s where I first discovered them and I can easily say I haven’t looked back since. Their packaging is sustainable, and recyclable and their products are just as good.

I have to put their laundrythings tablets on a pedestal. They’re great and perfect for taking on holiday, in fact, I already have some packed for my upcoming Christmas getaway. They don’t use animal products, they never use any single-use plastic, their products smell amazing and they work. They’re the perfect gift for any eco-conscious person out there.

Made By Coopers Relax!

Want some time to yourself? Feel like relaxing a little this Christmas? Perhaps you know someone who needs to slow down a little, take some time out of their busy day to focus on themselves and relax?! Made By Coopers is just the thing you need this Christmas either for yourself or to gift to a loved one.

Made By Coopers products aren’t packaged in tons of plastic, they make natural and organic products that benefit people, the environment and don’t cause damage unlike other companies out there. Their products are AMAZING and affordable. I’ve tried their vanilla rose bath salts and have to say I felt a lot more relaxed, maybe you know someone who needs to chill? Give them Made By Coopers this year.

Tooth Be Told

I’m bringing you something a little different this year. I know I love my dental floss but this is still really cool. Fed up with your toothpaste coming in a plastic tube that you can only throw away after? Let’s not forget the really dull tastes and smells you get from them as well. This year I’m bringing you Tooth Be Told, they smell, look and taste amazing and will clean your teeth!

All natural, vegan, plastic free and totally fluoride-free. This mint charcoal toothpaste would make the perfect stocking filler for anyone who’s passionate about dental hygiene. Compared to other brands on the internet, it’s affordable, comes in sustainable packaging and did I mention it looks super cool? Try something new this year, try Tooth Be Told.

Seep – Eco-Friendly Cleaning Essentials!

Do you know someone who loves to clean? Maybe you’re the person who needs everything to sparkle and shine for you to feel content. Well, I totally get it and I’m the same but I hate throwing away so many products that are bad for the environment, which is where Seep come into it!

These eco-friendly cleaning products will get your house, mainly your kitchen, looking fresh and clean in no time. I’ve used some of their products and they’ve lasted a couple of months so far, a lot better than other products on the market. These would make great stocking fillers and really, they’re the gift that keeps on giving.

Evolve Organic Beauty The Super Treats

Is there anything you could give someone at Christmas that’s better than looking good? I know people say we shouldn’t be so vain but let’s face it, we all want to look good and sometimes we have to use some amazing cosmetic treats to get there, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Evolve Organic Beauty have you covered all year round and especially at Christmas.

This award winning face mask gift set is the best thing you can give to your friends and families who love looking good this Christmas! Their products are vegan, cruelty free and eco-friendly so you know you won’t be damaging the planet or hurting animals when you gift this amazing set this year!

Sho Food Flask

This year I’m making a lot more meals at home, which include soups for lunch. This food flask is just the thing I needed so I can actually get a decent meal during the day and I no longer have to buy my lunch every day! I’ve used this flask for a couple of months now and I have to say it’s superb! If you’re like me and trying to save money by making lunches at home, this is what you need.

Have you got someone in your family who could benefit from a Sho food flask? Know someone who is always spending money on fast food that’s not good for their health and damages the environment? Seriously, you need to think about getting them this reusable food flask from Sho!

Amonax Exercise Equipment

Looking to get fit this Christmas? Amonax has you covered. Maybe you have a friend who wants to lose a little weight in the new year, Amonax would make an amazing gift and they’ll love it. Just don’t get your partner this if they haven’t asked for it as that may cause some arguments.

I love their Yoga Mat. If you’re looking for ways to lose weight at home Yoga is one way to do it. Amonax is affordable compared to other brands out there. Their products are strong and aren’t going to break no matter how big you are and you’ll feel comfortable using them. Take it from someone who has used them!

FFØR – For Your Hair!

Looking for some new hair products that are vegan, cruelty-free, only use naturally derived ingredients and are made in the UK? You came to the right place! FFØR are a new (to me) hair care brand that I am in love with! I tried their shampoo and conditioner and I have to say, I’ve got my mum to get me more for Christmas!!

If you know someone who is passionate about only using the best and most eco-friendly products, you should probably get them some FFØR for Christmas. They’re very affordable compared to other brands on the marketplace and make great stocking fillers. You should also check out their super shine gloss mist if you want to look amazing!

Christmas Wrapping

So I’m not saying rush out and get this for your friends at Christmas, I don’t think they’d like it. However, I am saying use this alternative wrapping paper and bows over the tacky stuff in the big chain supermarkets that most of the time aren’t even recyclable.

Their Fully Recyclable Christmas Wrapping materials mean you can feel a little less guilty this Christmas and still wrap up gifts for your loved ones with style!

Beauty Kin

So I’m a little bit in love with Beauty Kin. If you didn’t know I started switching to bars instead of the “normal” plastic bottled products at the start of the year. They’re more eco friendly and there’s tons of less plastic waste which is key. I’ve gone through a lot of brands as they’re very hit or miss and I have to say Beauty Kin are a big hit in my household.

Their bars are refreshing, don’t dry out the skin and smell great. They come in plastic-free packaging and are vegan and cruelty-free which ticks all my boxes. If you know someone who is trying to make the switch, get them some Beauty Kin and I can guarantee they’ll thank you!

Forever Mens Beauty

All year I’ve been searching for a good exfoliator and I’ve finally found one, so much so it’s on my Christmas list! This smoothing Exfoliator from Forever is just the thing any guys needs, take my word for it. The Forever products are vegan, gluten-free and they smell amazing, what more could you want?

If you have a guy in your life and you want to treat him this year, get him something from Forever for Christmas and show him your care, or you know, you could just get socks…. again!

ARRAN Sense Of Scotland

I love ARRAN Sense of Scotland. I’ve been using their products for years now. I have their room sprays, reed diffusers, soaps both bar and liquid form and I get their refills so I don’t have to waste plastic. All their items smell amazing, they are luxury without the stupid price tags and they even have their soaps in TGIFridays which I think is super nifty.

If you’re looking to get that guy in your life or even a woman a gift this year, I need to suggest ARRAN Sense of Scotland. I’d go for a gift set with the wash bag for any guy who likes to travel and for the ladies out there, go for a reed diffuser or a room spray so they can constantly enjoy the smells. They also have a luxury range of candles that I cannot talk about enough! Seriously, give them a visit!

Evolve Organic Beauty

Evolve Organic Beauty, these beauties needed a section of their own! These amazing baubles are just the thing your loved ones are going to want this Christmas. They’re packed full of goodies and affordable as well. All their products are of course organic like their name would suggest and eco-friendly.

These bath salts are the main thing I wanted to highlight though. They smell great, relaxing, and lavender and are just the thing anyone should be adding to their baths. Let me put it this way, if you know someone who likes taking a bath and you love them, you should really be getting them the Evolve Organic Beauty Bath Salts.

DenTek Dental Care!

Do you take care of your teeth? If you said yes, well so did everyone else (hopefully). That’s why this year I’m gifting my family some bits from DenTek. It might seem weird to give out dental care products but it’s not. I’ve used a lot of dental products in my time and I will hand on heart say that when it comes to products like dental floss, I only use DenTek.

DenTek are affordable, I always see them in my dentist when I go for an appointment and they’re better for the environment than other products out there. Their product packaging is now 100% recyclable and that’s something I can get behind. Their sustainability is something they are focused on and are always keen to improve wherever possible. So stop buying people terrible brands and gift someone a brand that cares about the planet, gift DenTek!

Shop Eco For Christmas!

So remember if you’re looking at buying something this Christmas maybe think about getting something that has a more positive environmental impact or a more natural product to help take care of yourself or someone that you love!