Eco Friendly Gifts For Christmas – Eco Friendly Gift Guide

I love Christmas and there’s nothing better than gifts that make a difference! This isn’t going to be a huge list because I don’t want the amazing products here to get lost in an endless chain of gifts that you might get if you feel like it. Instead, I want people to be interested in these gifts and really think about the impact that they can make!

Critically Endangered Socks

I’m in love with these socks and for many good reasons! They do them in two sizes now, you can get them for adults and babies, what’s not to like there? The adult socks I can safely say feel amazing, thick and look amazing. The baby ones make the best gift ever and are mega cute!

What’s best with these socks is they give back to the community in ways you couldn’t imagine. All their socks donate money towards various charities helping animals in their habitats, you couldn’t ask for a greater gift!

Grahams Natural Creams

Skin conditions can be a pain and they’re not the best. They can be itchy, painful and not the best thing to look at. They don’t have to be though. With Grahams Natural, if you have skin conditions like eczema, rosacea or psoriasis then they have you covered!

They use natural ingredients and they don’t stink like other creams I’ve used in the past. They do the job and they don’t take weeks and weeks to work either. They’re worth a look if you’re having skin issues.

Bees Wax Wraps

There’s one thing I hate in the kitchen and that’s waste, food waste and material waste. Clingfilm and tinfoil are one of the most wasted things when it comes to baking and I’ve had enough of it! That’s why I love these alternative bees wax sheets.

I use mine all the time, they’re reusable and you can wash them! They’re super tough, won’t break easily and also look very nice with their pretty patterns. They’re affordable and help the environment so much! What’s not to like.

Silicone Baking Products

If you want something that’s going to have a positive impact on the environment then look no further! I love my silicone baking products, mainly my silicone baking mat that goes in the oven, the amount of baking parchment I no longer have to purchase is unreal and thankfully the amount that gets thrown away in my house has plummeted!

I’d always suggest having a silicone baking mat, silicone baking tray and silicone baking utensils because they’re super hard to break and they do the world of good in regards to the amount you’re having to replace and throw away! Don’t take my word for it, try them out yourself!

Aduna – Relax Cacao Tea

So I’m loving this tea, it’s super relaxing, taste amazing and not only that but it has positive environmental implications! You probably don’t know this but teabags actually contain plastic, which I think it just disgusting if you want my opinion! These tea bags are totally plastic-free which I’m just in love with!

If you want to get someone something that actually means something this year, go for this tea and any other Aduna products that take your fancy, I’m a big fan and you should be as well!

Aduna relaxing cocoa tea

So remember if you’re looking at buying something this Christmas maybe think about getting something that has a more positive enviromental impact or a more natural product to help take care of yourself or someone that you love!