Green Gardening

Green Gardening

Some products are gifted, all opinions are my own.

I love gardening, there’s nothing more relaxing in my humble opinion. This year I’ve been lucky enough to move into a house that has a huge garden and I’m no longer restricted to house plants on the window. I love to garden but I also love the environment which is why I’m always on the lookout for some eco products that I can use in the garden.

Green gardening is something I’m always going to do. I’d rather pick a product that has less plastic, uses better ingredients or is made from recycled products. What’s the point of having an amazing garden if I’m going to destroy the planet? I’ve decided to show off some of the great products I’m using in the garden in this post and hopefully, you’ll get some inspiration from them as well.

Earthly Biochar

There are many reasons why you should buy Earthly Biochar and I’m going to tell you what they are. I use biochar mix in with my compost and I have to say since I’ve noticed an increase in the growth of my plants, it really helps the compost hold water as well so you don’t need to waste loads of water all the time.

One of the reasons you should really be buying Biochar however is due to its carbon properties. When you use Biochar you’re actually preventing CO2 from entering the atmosphere, doing your bit to save the planet and growing more plants or trees in the process to further help the planet, what’s not to like? Seriously, get yourself some. It works great in a greenhouse as well.

Ronseal Fence Life

Need to paint the fence but don’t want to go out and buy tons of paint? Which let’s face it will probably cost a fortune! I have just the thing for you! There are a few reasons you should get this Ronseal ultimate fence life concentrate, one of which being the ace eco-friendly packaging that contains 90% less plastic and is 100% recyclable

Pick your own colour, mix it together in four simple steps and you’re ready to go! This pack, although small in size makes up to 5L so you won’t be running out anytime soon and it means your money goes a lot further and who doesn’t want more for their money?

Doff Lightweight Compost

If you’re looking for a decent, cheap and easy-to-use compost then I’d suggest Doff compost. I will say that it says it expands but it really doesn’t so don’t buy it for that reason. I will say that it holds water really well so you won’t have to water your plants daily and it’s a great compost if you want to plant some seeds and watch them grow.

I picked this up at B&M for £1 a bag so you won’t be spending loads of money and the bags are full so you won’t need to be wasting plastic on bags that are half filled.

A Little Bird Co Bird Feeder

Nature, don’t you just love it? We have a lavender bush in our garden where we have hundreds of bees visit us each week and we have birds flying all around. It made sense that we got a nice bird feeder at the same time right? We went for this stunning piece from A Little Bird Co and I have to say it was well loved.

I say well loved because a cat decided to jump on it and destroy it, that’s the risk you take for hanging it up high though I suppose. The birds loved it, it held plenty of seed and feed for them to enjoy and it looked great in the garden as well. Instead of buying cheap tat from your local supermarket, get this one!

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