Grüum Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Grüum Review – Plastic Free Eco Products

Gifted products – these products have been sent to me for my business showcase. All views are 100% my own!

It’s the year 2022, I think it’s time we all made choices in our life that will have a positive impact on the planet don’t you? Ditching single-use plastic is a great way to do that and that’s exactly what I’m starting to do. Hopefully, you’ll see this with my Grüum review. Click here for the Grüum website!

I’ve been using the Grüum products for a while now, I started with only taking them away with me when I travel because the number of times I go abroad and leave plastic bottles half empty in a hotel room when I leave started to get on my nerves, which is why I use Grüum products now.

With companies becoming more eco-conscious I thought it was time I started making little swaps that would eventually have a bigger impact on the earth and the amount going to landfills. That’s why I now use shampoo and conditioner bars.

Grüum Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

One of the things I love most about Grüum is the fact that they have so much variety and choice when you’re shopping on their website! Today, however, for this post I’m just going to talk about the grüum shampoo bars and grüum conditioner bars that I personally use and what I think about them!

Grüum revitalising shampoo bar. This is the shampoo bar that I use. I was a little put off at first with how it looked but it works so well. Unlike most bottled shampoo my hair isn’t left feeling like straw after use and it feels natural. It’s easy to use, a few rubs and you have enough. I think you’re supposed to rub them on your hand and then hair but I do it directly onto hair.

Grüum revitalising conditioner bar. This is the conditioner bar I use and I love it. I’ve tried other bars before from different companies and this is the first conditioner bar I’ve found that isn’t difficult to use. Other bars take effort to get anything from them, these ones however don’t. This one also leaves my hair feeling fresh and shiny which I like! If you want smooth hair, get this conditioner bar!

I would just like to point out, although it is on their product boxes, that the Grüum products are handmade in the UK which I love and I think is even more of a reason to shop with Grüum!

Grüum Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Other Grüum Products

I thought I would talk about other Grüum products within this Grüum review. I can’t focus on many as I haven’t tried many but I do have the metal cases that you can use to transport your shampoo and conditioner bars around with you! I was worried when I first used the bars as I had no idea how I would transport them but I’m glad I now know!

You can get metal tins from Grüum that hold your shampoo and conditioner bars, they are both different sizes. Of course, the tins fit all of the Grüum shampoo and conditioner products easily but you can also use them for other bars you can get from other companies so I’d totally suggest getting the durable Grüum tins!

If you fancy getting them, click here for the conditioner tin and here for the shampoo tin. You’d be silly not to get them and they make travelling so much easier!

Grüum Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Grüum Competition!

I’m excited to give one of my readers a chance to win their very own shampoo and conditioner bar that Grüum will send out to the lucky winner! All you have to do is enter the competition below, make sure you follow all the steps and you’ll be in with a chance to win this fantastic prize!

So not only do you have a fantastic Grüum review but you could be the winner and looking after your hair and the planet, what’s not to love! You have to be 18+ to enter the competition, make sure you complete the entry requirements or your entry may be void and please do reply to my email within 24 days otherwise your competition prize will be withdrawn and a new winner will be picked, entrants from the UK only. Good luck everyone!


Grüum Shampoo & Conditioner Bar set

How Good Are Grüum?

So I love the products, I use them every day now and I save a fortune on products that I buy but I also stop loads of single-use plastic going to landfill which I love. That being said this wouldn’t be a decent business showcase if I didn’t give you some information about the company and if they’re actually any good!

So for this Grüum review, I decided to take a little look at Trustpilot which is a website I check out every time I shop with a new company. I want to know what other people think and let’s face it the reviews on company websites are always perfect right?! So here’s the Grüum Trustpilot.

So my Grüum review I would probably give them 90% because I would love their prices to be a little cheaper but wouldn’t we all. However, on Trustpilot 82% of people gave them 5 stars which is great!

The one thing I will say about Trustpilot is to make sure you look at the reviews as well. One person gave them a 3-star review because the products were great but the delivery was terrible and that’s just Hermes for you! Either way, amazing Trustpilot rating, amazing FreeFromSquad rating and hope you love them as well!

In conclusion, I have no reason as to why you shouldn’t buy from Grüum. I hope that this Grüum review was helpful for you and if you have any favourite products of theirs that you use please do let me know! I’m going to go and buy some more hair products before I’m allowed to travel again!

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