Linda McCartney Foods review

Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Food Review

Gifted – I was gifted this product for my business showcase series, all views and opinions are my own!

Healthy eating is something I’m working on this year, as well as lowering my carbon footprint which means less meat in my diet and the best way to do that is by eating more vegetarian and vegan meals. I’ve been fortunate enough to try the Linda McCartney range and I have to say, you’re in for a treat! If you’ve tried Linda McCartney’s food before, let me know!

I will admit I’ve never been one to buy the vegetarian range in shops, I normally avoid them but I can easily say that’s about to change. Out of all the vegetarian sausages, nuggets and pies that I’ve eaten, the Linda McCartney range has to be by far the best!

Now I will say I wasn’t able to get the entire range, however, you can bet that I’ll be going back to see if they’re in stock! If you’re thinking about having vegetarian meals but don’t want to add loads of extra ingredients that you wouldn’t normally ever use, this is the way forward!

What Do I Think?

Well, I’d like to point out that to prepare for this Linda McCartney’s food review I tried several of the food products available in Asda and I wasn’t disappointed. You can tell it’s not meat, that’s not going to change with whatever substitute you try. These however didn’t taste bad, unlike other brands that try and substitute.

They’re a 10/10 personally. I will say that the favourite of the range for myself are the sausages. I’ve been back to buy, even more, they taste amazing and with vegetarian gravy or just ketchup! If you’ve not tried any of Linda McCartney’s food range, the sausages should be on the top of your list.

I won’t lie however, I was a little worried about their burgers because I’ve tried some terrible ones in the past but these ones were really nice. I preferred the mozzarella ones more if I’m honest.

So if I was to pick I’d go for the Linda McCartney sausages and the Linda McCartney burgers to take the top spot and I’d easily buy them again over their meaty counterparts.

What Do People Think About Linda McCartney Food?

Now, this is the part where I would normally slide a Trustpilot screenshot in and show how amazing they are with their star rating and what other people have to say about them. However I can’t seem to find food reviews very well on Trustpilot and the ones I have found aren’t that trustworthy, with one person saying they haven’t purchased the food but it looks like mush (not Linda McCartney food).

So instead I searched high and low (the first page of Google) to find you some reviews on the Linda McCartney food products. I found Home Tester Club where they had some of the Linda McCartney sausages on their page at 4.1 stars from 57 customers. Although I personally think that’s a little low, it’s also an amazing score which just proves my point that their sausages are amazing.

On the Mouthsofmums website, they also gave the Linda McCartney sausages a 4.1 star review from just 25 customers. So you can see they are consistent and tasty!

I always say that customers should do their research and check reviews before they dive into a new product or start shopping with a new company. It’s important to know that you’re going to get the best service and the best product on the market to suit your needs.

I hope that this Linda McCartney foods review helped you out to make your choice. I’m giving the Linda McCartney food an overall score of 4.5 stars if I’m honest. I loved the majority of their food and I would buy most of it again. Whenever you’re in the frozen section next, take a look!