Made to Last Chopping Board

Made To Last Review – Oak Chopping Board

Gifted – I was gifted this product for my business showcase series, all views and opinions are my own!

Today I’m talking about something that I use every day in my kitchen, well not this one but I’m always using one. A chopping board! I got a chopping board from Made To Last for this post and I’m excited to use it and show it off. Whenever dinner is made or I’m baking I use a chopping board, I think they’re the one thing that everyone needs in their kitchen and quite frankly I have about 8.

I have chopping boards for all occasions and it shows! If I’m using something messy I’ll use my plastic chopping boards which are easy to use and clean. Before I start talking about the chopping board that I got I’d like to talk about the company I got it from a little more!

Who Are Made To Last?

Made to Last only sell products that are made to last, hence the name. I don’t know about you but I’m fed up with buying products that are only made to last a year or two and then you’re having to replace them, just like a phone and they never get any cheaper that’s for sure!

Made to Last only sell products from companies that are sustainable and use sustainable materials in all their products. The products they sell are fit for purpose and age gracefully. That means you’re not buying a new one every year and you can appreciate the beauty of whatever you buy for longer! Some of their items last so long, it could become a family heirloom!

Made to Last is so sure that all of the products sold on their website will last that they offer a huge warranty on all items. Some starting at 5 years all the way up to 30 years! So you know you’ll have an item that isn’t going to quit on you! One thing I love is that the products they feature are made by small business owners and not huge cooperate chains!

All the products are designed in the UK which is something I truly believe in and something I’m always looking out for when I’m ordering online. I don’t want to be waiting 2 months to get something from China, I really don’t have the patience for that!

Rough Stuff Chopping Boards

So I was a little taken back when it came to these chopping boards, at first I didn’t actually realise where they were made or who by, that being said I’m still a fan. The company work with a prison to make their chopping boards and other products. Not only using materials that would only be thrown away but giving people a second chance.

I’m sure that being in prison can be tough, personally, I wouldn’t know. That being said Rought Stuff are giving people who want a second chance and are willing to work at it, exactly that; a second chance. The end results being some amazing products. So when you buy from Rough Stuff through Made to Last, you’re supporting so much more than a small business!

You’ll find most of the people who sell on Made to Last have similar stories, backgrounds and motivational purposes behind launching their companies and I love to see it. Real people, real products and quality that lasts! It beats shopping for junk at Asda or any other huge supermarket!

Buy Great Quality Products!

I think I’ve made it obvious where you’re going to go if you want decent quality products. It’s not just chopping boards though! You can get lamp shapes, sofas, fire pits, wall lights and so much more on the Made to Last website! Head on over and take a look at what you could be buying!

I will also say that there’s so much to pick from you could have all your Christmas shopping done in no time and all in one place. Delivery is swift and customer service is excellent. If you have any questions get in touch or go to the retailer and they’ll be sure to help out at any stage, which is what I did when I enquired about how to best maintain my new chopping board!

Let me know if there’s anything on their website that you just LOVE! Drop me a message and let’s chat! I’ve already had to hide the credit card so I don’t buy myself a new sofa and land myself in the husbands’ bad books!