Mothers Day Gift Guide

Some products were gifted for inclusion. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Mother’s day comes once a year but our mums are there every day! It’s important to get your mum something amazing for mothers day however it can be tricky deciding what to actually get her! I’ve made this little list of eco-friendly products for you to take a look at so you can gift your mum something amazing but at the same time do your bit to help sustain our amazing planet.

ARRAN Glen Iorsa Lavender & Spearmint Hand Care Gift Set

I love ARRAN Sense of Scotland, that’s no secret. I gift them every year for Christmas and everyone ends up getting something from their website, I normally go HAM in the sales after Christmas and end up spending way too much. My mum adores ARRAN as well, she has the Diffuser in her bathroom, a room spray in the front room when we have guests and a candle for the bath.

So it makes sense that I’m gifting her this hand care gift set this year. It looks great, ARRAN Sense of Scotland always have amazing packaging and they make the BEST gifts. You can see their hand care set below but honestly, check out their entire website and get your mum the gift she’ll want this Mother’s Day!

Made By Cooper Room & Pillow Spray Set

I love Made By Coopers, their products are super relaxing, feel like total luxury and without the huge price tags that you’ll find in chain stores or on the high street. This year it’s all about relaxation, especially after the last few years that we’ve all had. What better gift to get your mum than one that helps with relaxing?

This room and pillow spray set means your mum is going to get the best night’s sleep and I’m sure she’ll thank you for it. Made By Coopers has loads of exciting products on their website that are bound to make you the favourite child this mothers day! Check them out.

Oxford Rye Dry Gin

I think I’m in love. I love gin so much it’s unreal and you can bet you’ll see it in a recipe soon, probably over on my new website Pizza and gin! My mum also loves gin; you can bet she will love getting this for Mother’s day. If you want something fancy for your mum this year, I can’t recommend this gin enough.

Oxford Rye dry gin looks amazing, tastes fantastic and gives that feel of luxury without having to spend £50+ for a present. They also do an Oxford Rye purple grain whiskey which I think looks amazing if your mum likes whiskey, it’s a little more expensive but from the looks of it, I can tell it would be amazing! Get your mum something this year that she can enjoy and a little something to take the edge off.

OHSO Chocolate Bars

These are literally the perfect treat. They come in packs as you can see and each one has 7 bars in them, one for each day of the week, as I said the perfect treat. They come in a variety of flavours although I’d be quick as these are known to sell out fast, especially the raspberry ones which I personally love.

Get your mum the whole set and she’ll literally be set for the month so she can carry on remembering how much of an amazing child you are. What’s not to like?

Sudocrem Naturals

My mum is forever changing nappies and dealing with nappy rash, not her own I may hasten to add. We took a look at some of the chemicals in other nappy creams and I have to say I was shocked. If your mum is dealing with changing nappies all day, think about getting her something like this, it means she doesn’t have to buy it herself and it’s better for the child and your mum’s hands!

Sudocrem is a leading brand when it comes to nappy rash so you really can’t go wrong, plus they’re super affordable and these would work great in a hamper of goodies!

Livia’s Chocolate Nugglets

These are so sweet, little packs of chocolate goodness and everyone I know loves them! They come in raw cookie dough and choc brownie. Personally, I love the choc brownie ones and if I was rich I’d buy a year’s supply! My mum also loves these. She can’t have dairy and that means she can enjoy these as they’re totally vegan!

If your mums like mine, get her a heap of these. They’d look amazing in a little hamper with other vegan treats and they’re super affordable. What’s not to like? Did I mention they’re cute?

Purely Plantain Chips

I can’t be the only one that sits there and eats way too many crisps and then regrets it after. So these are amazing alternatives that’s for sure. These plantain chips are healthy, vegan and taste amazing. You can get them in big bags or smaller bags.

My mum loves these, she’s purchased her own without me getting them for her so she’s going to love getting these for Mother’s day that’s for sure! If you have a healthy mother like mine, get her these!

Mothers Day Ideas!

I’ve kept the list short and sweet. I didn’t want to flood it with ideas that have no benefit to the environment or planet and I wanted to make sure it had ideas that your mum is going to love. Let me know what you think of these ideas or if you have any others you want to put forward!