Slow Cooker Toblerone Fudge Recipe

Slow Cooker Toblerone Fudge Recipe

You might be able to tell but I love fudge and there’s nothing better than a Toblerone fudge recipe! The only fudge recipe that comes close to this one has to be my Slow Cooker Mint Aero Fudge Recipe which taste just as good. Plus who doesn’t love an easy Toblerone fudge recipe? In fact so far I’d have to say this is my favourite!

When it comes to my Toblerone fudge I will say that using the mini Toblerone is the way to go, they’re easy to use and you can put them all the way through the fudge. I lined my silicone baking tray with the mini Toblerone bars and then poured the fudge over the top, that way there’s Toblerone all the way through it, other than just having them placed on the top; makes it much yummier!

The fun thing is, when you’re a baker it’s nice to make recipes out of all sorts of bits you find in your cupboards, Christmas is the best time to make new recipes with all the chocolate you get given! Does everyone get a Toblerone in their stocking or is that just me?

It’s best to add around 50g of powdered sugar if you prefer your fudge to be a little more firm, however if you like it soft, just leave it how it is. I also find it nicer in small chunks although you can alway make Toblerone fudge slices if you want a little more for your bite. I would also suggest using a silicone baking tray, they’re amazing for fudge and make it so much easier to get the fudge out and cut into chunks!

Slow Cooker Toblerone Fudge Recipe

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