The Perfect Gin Gift Guide

*Items have been gifted for this post

You might have guessed from a few of my recipes that I love gin and love baking with it as well. If I can get away with a cheeky gin here and there I will do and even more so if I’m using it while baking so that I can carry on enjoying it.

Every year I put together a Christmas list of amazing gifts that I think people will like, this year I’m putting together a gin gift guide so if you know someone who loves gin, or just want to spoil yourself I have a nice list for you to pick from! What’s more, is I’ve tried all the gin myself and know how yummy it tastes!

I’ve used some in recipes and others I’ve just drunk too much of, either way, you know they’re good! Some I was sent for inclusion but others I just love anyway. Let’s kick the list off, shall we!

Secret Garden Christmas Gin Duo Gift Set

If you’re looking for the best gin this Christmas, I have the best thing for you! This Christmas gin gift set is the perfect thing to make any gin lovers happy this Christmas! They taste amazing, the scent and flavours are enough to get anyone in the festive mood, trust me I’ve tested them!

They’re super affordable compared to other Christmas gins on the market, they look better and are presented really well. Seriously it’s difficult for me to find faults! Get yourself some and gift another to someone you love!

Cranes Cranberry Gin

I love flavoured gin, it tastes so good and what’s more, is you can use it in so many recipes it’s unreal. I love this gin, its flavour profile is stunning and it works really well in the icing. Take a look at my easy gin and tonic cupcakes recipe if you want to use some in a recipe!

I will also say that the bottle looks amazing, would make the perfect gift and looks really expensive as well. There’s a nice high content of alcohol in this gin and quite frankly I love Cranes as a brand as well, their cider is also very nice if you’re a cider fan.

Cranes Gin

Mermaid Gin

So, first of all, I have to point out how amazing these two bottles look, they’re to die for and I’d easily price the gin at around £70 a bottle because they look so stunning. That being said they’re nowhere near £70 a bottle, in fact, more like £40 which is a steal and they make the best gift ever!

This gin tastes amazing, I almost didn’t want to open the bottles if I’m honest with you all. Add it with a little tonic and you’re onto a winner. I would suggest using it in a cocktail as the flavour is so crisp it’s just so flavourful and tasty!

Mermaid Gin

Linden Leaf Gin

If you want a gin that you can mould and do anything with, this is the gin for you! I’m in love with this linden leaf gin. The bottle looks sleek, refreshing and just the thing to buy that fussy person in your life! With 43% Alcohol, you won’t be needing anything else to drink on that’s for sure! 

I drink mine with a nice, crisp lemonade and use the Linden cocktail elements so that I can make the drink taste however I like, I can’t recommend them enough and like I said, perfect if you’re moulding the drink the way you want! 

Linden Leaf Gin & Cocktail Elements

Little Gin Company – Home Tasting kit 

If you’re new to gin or want to get someone interested in gin, this is the thing you need to do it. With these little bottles in your hands, paired with the best tonic to match their flavour you can’t go wrong and they’re super tasty. 

The bottles are super cute, they look amazing and would make a perfect gift, amazing for stocking fillers as well.

Little Gin Company - Home Tasting kit

Keepr’s Gin & Tonic Flavoured Drink 

Now with all the gin, you’re going to be drinking you’ll need something to mix it with. I love some nice crisp lemonade with my gin but it’s also nice to get some tonic to pair with some yummy gin. 

You can also drink it alone, I had it in a nice gin glass with some ice cold ice cubes! Perfect to unwind one night and it’s not packed with alcohol so it’s not going to get you drunk so you can still go to work the next day!

Keep's Gin & Tonic Flavoured Drink

The Perfect Gin

There’s no such thing as the perfect gin, in my opinion, you have to keep trying them all to see what you like and don’t like. If you find one you like then just keep drinking it and trying more as you go!

If you’re looking for gifts that are a little more mainstream then I think you should go and take a look at my foodies gift guide as I think you’re going to love it! Most of these gins can also be found on Amazon and if you’re going to be shopping on Amazon take a look at this post all about Mobile Apps That Give You Free Amazon Vouchers.