The Ultimate Eco Fathers Day Gift Guide

Fathers day, every year and yet we forget. Well not this year, I’ve got some amazing and very eco gifts that you can give your dads this fathers day. Gifts are also suitable for mums who have been amazing dads to their children so let’s not forget about them! Take a look at the list below and see if anything tickles your fancy!

Minty Fresh Soap – Coraline Skincare

Let’s skip over the soap for one second. The packaging that Coraline skincare use is recycled and made from recyclable card boxes, FSC certified paper which is printed using eco toners, none of which are harmful to the planet! It also looks very fancy and upmarket so there are some great reasons to get this for your dad on Father’s Day.

The soap smells amazing! It looks amazing and best of all it’s great on sensitive skin which I can 100% vouch for as my skin is terrible. It doesn’t dry out the skin and if I’m honest, it’s perfect! If you’re still worried, Coraline Skincare have its own quiz so that you or your dad can make sure you’re using the right soap for your skin, BONUS!

Don’t have a smelly dad, get him some amazing soap for Father’s Day.

Minty Fresh Soap - Coraline Skincare

Candy Roo – Ultimate Vegan Top Pick Mix

SWEEEETS!! Who doesn’t love sweets right?! This amazing 1kg bag from Candy Roo is 100% vegan and enjoyable without a doubt. The company is amazing, they even introduced their own cycle to work scheme to tackle their overall carbon footprint, ace! Don’t ever tell me nothing good comes out of Bingham because I will fight you!

If you’re looking to get your dad something amazing, unique and tasty this Father’s day which isn’t something generic off a shelf, get him this! They’re also super affordable and if you spend over £30, which I recommend you do, you get free postage. So while you get your dad something, get yourself something too! Enjoy!

Candy Roo - Ultimate Vegan Top Pick Mix

Jigsaw Avenue – Let’s Make Puzzles Great Again

I’m sorry but if you don’t like a good puzzle, you’re wrong. I love a good puzzle and I’d like to think everyone else does as well, so why wouldn’t you get your dad one!? These puzzles are totally plastic-free which I love to see and they used recycled cardboard as well!

Jigsaw Avenue have a whole range of funky puzzles that you can pick from, they have something to suit any dad. Don’t just take my word for it though, you can take a look at the amazing five-star reviews that they have on their website and judge for yourself. Oh, and did I mention free delivery?

Prezzee Digital Voucher

So vouchers are great but you’re also left with a lot of paper and plastic waste which can be a pain, especially when we throw too much away as it is. Prezzee has just the solution. Their vouchers are 100% digital, you can buy someone their own voucher and they can exchange it on their website for a whole range of vouchers.

Give your dad the gift of choice this year. He can have this voucher, exchange it for something he will use and then buy something he really wants. What’s not to like, that being said you might need to sit down and help him use the computer if your dad is a technophobe.