Christmas vegan recipes

Vegan Christmas Recipes

Christmas is, in my opinion, the most wonderful time of the year. That being said not being able to eat dairy makes Christmas a little less fun, different cheese selections are out of the question of course. However, I love making vegan Christmas recipes and every year I’m making more and more.

I decided to make this list of vegan Christmas desserts so that people can find all my festive favourite recipes in one place! So if you need some vegan Christmas dessert ideas you can these.

One thing I will say, these are Christmas recipes and not just random vegan recipes that I’ve just thrown into a post, all of these recipes are going to have you feeling festive and getting in the Christmas spirit! Make some Christmas vegan cookies and put the Christmas tree up! 

Christmas Vegan Mince Pies Recipe

If you’re looking for a vegan mince pies recipe, this is the one for you. They may look a little rustic but they taste amazing! I’d suggest using this vegan mincemeat recipe if you’re going to want the best vegan mince pies recipe around. This is one of my favourite vegan Christmas recipes.

Christmas Vegan Mince Pies

Vegan Christmas Pudding Recipe

When it comes to vegan Christmas dessert recipes you can’t go wrong with a classic vegan Christmas pudding, can you? I’ve had people ask for an egg-free Christmas pudding and here you have it. I think this is the best vegan Christmas pudding recipe, let me know your thoughts!

Vegan Christmas Pudding

Stained Glass Window Cookies Recipe

If you want some yummy vegan Christmas cookies, now you have them. These alternative Christmas vegan cookies recipe is something that will have everyone talking and if you don’t want to eat them you can always hang them on the Christmas tree! Christmas cookies can be fun if you want.

Stained Glass Window Cookies Recipe - Vegan Christmas Cookies Recipe

Christmas Vegan Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

These vegan cinnamon rolls are perfect for Christmas, they’re great warmed up in the morning and taste amazing. If you want a yummy Christmas cinnamon roll, take a look at this recipe and enjoy with family and friends.

Vegan Cinnamon rolls - Christmas Vegan Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

Christmas Vegan Marzipan Truffles

If you’re looking for something a little more elegant this vegan truffle recipe might be just the thing you’re looking for this Christmas. I love them and think they’re so easy and you can decorate them any way you want if you want something quick and easy check out this marzipan recipe.

Vegan Marzipan Truffles

Vegan Peppermint Candy Cane Meringues

If you’re a bit bored of the conventional vegan Christmas cookies then you need to check out these vegan candy cane meringue kisses! They look amazing, taste amazing and just the thing you want to take to work to impress everyone!

Vegan Candy Cane Peppermint Meringues Recipe

Lebukchen Christmas Cookies Recipe

We’re going to hop over to German Christmas cookies now, well German vegan Christmas cookies to be exact! These cookies are amazing, taste just as good as the shop brought ones and a classic Christmas cookie with an amazing vegan spin, what’s not to like!

german Christmas cookies

Vegan Cherry Bakewell Tarts

Now I’ve been told by various people that these vegan cherry Bakewells are the perfect Christmas treat, I didn’t think they were however but I’m still going to add it to the list so I don’t disappoint people! These Christmas cherry Bakewells are amazing, taste great and are easy to make.

Vegan Cherry Bakewell Tarts - Cherry Bakewell Cupcakes

Sliced Cinnamon Apple Crisps

If you want something a little different, try these vegan apple crisps on for size! These vegan cinnamon apple crisps will have you wanting more and impressing everyone you share them with.

Every bite is bursting with Christmas flavour and if you wanted you could also used mixed spice instead of cinnamon to really make this an amazing vegan Christmas dish!

Spices Apple Crisps Recipe - Vegan Apple Crisps

Christmas Recipe Roundup

If you’re wanting to try some nice Christmas recipes that everyone can enjoy I can’t suggest these enough. There’s something for everyone here and they’re really easy Christmas recipes as well, I love an easy vegan Christmas recipe because no one likes to spend forever in a hot kitchen.

Make sure you let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these yummy Christmas vegan recipes from my vegan recipe round up.

Don’t forget to share this Christmas vegan recipe roundup with your friends and family as well to make it a yummy Christmas!

9 Super Easy Vegan Christmas Recipes

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