Rocky Road Recipe vegan rocky road recipe

Vegan Rocky Road Recipe

I love rocky road, can’t get enough of it and that’s why I needed to make a vegan alternative so that everyone I know can also enjoy it, which is why I created this vegan rocky road recipe.

There are loads of rocky road recipes out there, some are amazing but have too many ingredients in them and it gets rather confusing. As long as you make sure all the ingredients are vegan then you’ve got no issues with this one.

This vegan rocky road is to die for, it’s so yummy, taste like the “normal” rocky road recipe that everyone knows and loves. One tip though, make sure you have a silicone baking tray to make the whole process so much easier!

Now I’m not saying this is a healthy vegan rocky road because it’s full of chocolate and yummy goodness, however, due to the fact it’s a vegan recipe means it’s more accessible for everyone.

Best Vegan Rocky Road Recipe

You could buy vegan rocky road but in all honesty, it’s so much more fun to make it, you get more for your money and it just tastes so much better when you know you’ve made it yourself!

This easy vegan rocky road takes hardly any time at all, in fact, the only part you’re waiting for is it set in the fridge, that’s if you don’t eat it from a spoon once you’ve made it!

I see rocky road recipes that have loads to put in them and this literally has three ingredients! It’s a simple vegan rocky road and you’re going to love every piece.

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Vegan Rocky Road Recipe

If you want the best rocky road ever then I’d suggest making sure that you have bigger pieces of biscuits and not crushed up pieces or it isn’t going to work very well, however, crushed biscuits do give it a little texture so have a good balance of both.

If you want the marshmallows to keep their shape, put them in the freezer while the chocolate is melting and they’re going to firm up so the hot chocolate won’t melt them.

vegan rocky road recipe

Vegan Rocky Road Recipe

Prep Time 10 mins


  • 400g Chocolate
  • 200g Biscuits
  • 100g Mini Marshmallows


  • Melt the chocolate in a bowl on the hob. Break the biscuits apart and add them into a bowl with the marshmallows. You can add extras such as cherries or raisins if you wish.
  • Mix the dry ingredients with the melted chocolate, put into a silicone baking tray and leave to set in the fridge for a minimum of two hours.

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