8 things to grow in a greenhouse - what to grow in a greenhouse

8 Foods To Grow In A Greenhouse – What To Grow In A Greenhouse

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2020 and lockdown have been about focusing on my mental health and that comes with relaxing, one thing I love to do when I relax is gardening; most people wouldn’t see me as the type who loves to be in the garden but they’d be wrong. One thing I love about gardening is a greenhouse and all the amazing things you can grow in one!

Now I’m new to this so it’s very much, what to grow in a greenhouse for beginners if I’m honest but I’m getting the hang of it and hopefully with my help, you’ll have fun growing your own food UK style!

Benefits Of Growing Your Own Food

There are loads of benefits for growing your own food, health and money-wise at least. Gardening can be great for mental health, it gives a person something to focus on and use their excess energy in the process. It’s perfect for people who suffer from anxiety as they’re focusing on something different and using distraction techniques.

Saving money on food is a big part of life and growing your own food can be very money-saving in the kitchen. Example being, if you plant peppers, you can grow peppers and then you can use the seeds in one pepper to grow even more and there you have an endless supply of peppers! Whereas normally a bag of 5 peppers will cost you £1.18 in Aldi and you have to go home with more plastic, which harms the environment!

Finally, cut out single-use plastic! When you buy your potatoes, peppers, tomatoes etc. in the shop you’re going home with a load of single-use plastic which is going straight in the bin, go natural and ditch the plastic!

So as you can see, growing your own food benefits are vast and there are more that I haven’t mentioned but if you grow your own food you’ll soon find them out!

Benefits of growing your own food at home - what to grow in a greenhouse uk

How To Start Growing Your Own Food

I’m not saying you have to have a big fancy greenhouse, although they do come in handy, however, you can use a small one if that’s all you have! You can pick up smaller greenhouses on Amazon for less than £70, which might seem like a lot but you soon see the benefits and save money! Plus you need to remember, a greenhouse isn’t always made of glass.

In this post I’m going to be answering some questions like, what can I grow in a small plastic greenhouse and what can I grow in a greenhouse during the winter. It’s always important to know these things before diving in, I know a lot of people who had a greenhouse and then gave up in wintertime which just doesn’t need to happen! Now let’s answer that all-important question, what can I grow in my greenhouse?

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What Can You Grow In A Greenhouse

Here’s a 12 point list of “what can I grow in a greenhouse” that should help you get started, make it through the winter and enjoy your time in the garden that little bit more! It doesn’t matter if you have an allotment or just a normal garden, everyone can grow their own food!

Growing Peppers In A Greenhouse

When I think what to grow in a greenhouse the first thing that comes to mind are peppers. Growing peppers in the greenhouse can be so rewarding, you can plant new seeds every time you harvest as they’re packed full of seeds! I add peppers with pretty much any dish at home, it gives it that crunch and sweet peppers just make everything taste that much better!

You can either buy sweet pepper seeds from Amazon or next time you’re adding peppers into anything you’re cooking just use the seeds from the peppers! Now can you grow peppers in winter? You can grow peppers in the winter as long as your greenhouse is warm and has substantial light however without these two things it can be very difficult and you’re better off growing them in house.

Growing Tomatoes In A Greenhouse

Now if you’re thinking how to grow tomatoes in a greenhouse? It’s really straightforward and easy! Tomatoes typically grow on vines, which means they’ll need room to shoot up and grow in a greenhouse so make sure they’re not put in the corner without any breathing space! It tends to be easier growing tomatoes in the greenhouse as it’s the perfect environment for them.

If you’re thinking about growing tomatoes in the winter then you’re out of luck. Tomatoes don’t tend to grow in the winter and require a lot of hard work and maintenance. So growing tomatoes in the greenhouse in winter isn’t something that I’d suggest doing unless you have a lot of time to give.

 Growing Tomatoes In A Greenhouse

Growing Strawberries In A Greenhouse

Can you grow strawberries in a greenhouse? YES! They will need room to grow much like tomatoes but you can totally grow strawberries at home or in the garden I should say. Now if you’re thinking how to grow strawberries in a greenhouse you’ll need to give them a lot of room and sunlight, they need the light if you’re going to want them to be big and juicy. Do strawberries do well in a greenhouse? Yes as long as they have the room to grow and thrive.

Growing strawberries in a greenhouse year round? Strawberries don’t tend to do too well in the winter, this is mainly due to needing heat, however, I do know a few people who have had success stories, the strawberries just aren’t as big as summer time ones. Give them a go and see for yourself, that’s the best advice I can give!

Growing chillies In A Greenhouse

How to grow chillies in a greenhouse; I find growing chillies in a greenhouse UK can be a little hit or miss, they need to be planted between January and April at the very latest, I find that at the start of the year growing chillies at home is the last thing on my mind and I’m still throwing away the Christmas wrapping paper! With this reason as well I wouldn’t consider growing chillies in a greenhouse in the winter time because they’re unlikely to work, so chillies in winter isn’t advised I’m afraid.

Growing Garlic In A Greenhouse

This really is a beginners guide to using a greenhouse because before I got one I never thought about even attempting to grow garlic at home! Garlic is one of the easiest things to grow in a greenhouse, you don’t have to wait for seasons and you can just get to it. Make sure your garlic has room to grow and if you’re doing it in the ground, make sure any weeds have been removed as it doesn’t grow well surrounded by others! I’d suggest planting them in a deep planter, however.

You can get some nifty grow bags if you don’t fancy having plant pots everywhere! They can also be used for all sorts, potatoes being the one that’s nice to grow in grow bags. It’s amazing what you can use a greenhouse for if you have the right room and equipment!

Growing Potatoes In A Greenhouse

When it comes to growing potatoes at home I’d always advise doing them in a grow bag because it makes life so much easier, putting them in planters just isn’t the way forward, it’s messy and takes a lot of time and effort and no one wants having a greenhouse to be a chore! They need to be kept in a dark and warm area, so growing potatoes in the winter is pretty much ruled out I’m afraid, again thought growing potatoes in bags in the greenhouse is the way forward and my biggest bit of advice!

Growing Radish In A Greenhouse

You can in fact grow radish in the greenhouse, which is something I didn’t know. I’ll be honest, I’ve not tried it yet because we don’t eat it and I don’t see the point of growing something if it’s going to go to waste. If anyone has any success stories about it, however, leave me something in the comments to get me motivated!

Growing Herbs In A Greenhouse

Now when it comes to growing herbs at home these can either be done in your kitchen provided it’s the right temperature or in the greenhouse. It all depends on what herbs you want to grow however, some do very well in winter and others do better in the summer. It’s all about finding the right ones to suit your growing space. I’d also say make sure you’re going to use the herbs or know someone to give them to, otherwise, you’ll just be throwing them away.

Growing herbs in a greenhouse
Unsplash – @devin_photography

Easy Plants For Greenhouse Starters

If you’re looking for easy plants for greenhouse beginners then this post should have helped, I hope! So you might be thinking, what can I start with? Well, to be fair you can grow pretty much anything in a greenhouse and this list is just a small one to help greenhouse beginners start off. Most of the 8 on the list I started with and out of them all, growing peppers at home has to be one of my favourite things to do!

Don’t get discouraged if it takes longer for some plants to thrive whereas others are easier and don’t take as long. If you can master the plants above, you’ll be getting into it in no time! Here’s the list in a simple form and let me know if you grow any plants in the greenhouse!

  • Peppers
  • Tomatoes
  • Strawberries
  • Chillies
  • Garlic
  • Potatoes
  • Radish
  • Herbs

If you want to know more about using a greenhouse take a look at this Greenhouse for beginners – gardening 101 post and learn even more than I could tell you in this post. If you made it this far don’t forget to leave a comment! 

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8 Foods To Grow In A Greenhouse - What To Grow In A Greenhouse

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