Hello and welcome to the Free From Squad! You may have seen free from sections in all the major supermarkets and specialist shops that only sell free from products, this page is different. Everywhere else might be offering some alternatives which is great, they normally however come with a huge price tag which is a total bummer!

As a Free From Squad member you’ll find loads of recipes that you can make at home, from scratch that won’t cost you a fortune! Recipes that you didn’t even know were possible until today! You’ll be able to lead a better lifestyle, eating the foods you want and not breaking the bank in order to do it!

As someone who is unable to have too much dairy in their diet and needs to keep away from certain types of food I know what it’s like to eat right! I’m always on the look out for new recipes, cooking hacks and new equipment to make my life easier in the kitchen.

I’m in no way an expert cook, in fact I was once terrible at cooking and only through the support of my partner and the determination behind this blog have I been able to gain the skills needed and trust me you can do the same!

Fancy dropping me an email? Here’s the address you need: info@freefromsquad.com