ARRAN Sense Of Scotland Eco Review

Gifted – I was gifted this product for my business showcase series, all views and opinions are my own!

I love my cosmetics, and my candles and I have a supply of soap in my storage unit. One thing however bugs me to no end, the fact that most of the packaging isn’t recyclable and I’m fed up with single-use plastic. You’ll find in this ARRAN Sense Of Scotland Review that I’ve finally found a solution to the problem, I hope you love it as much as I do!

I love ARRAN Sense of Scotland, I’ve been using their products for a couple of years now and I’ve never had any issues with them. I’ve used their travel sets, their hand creams and their body wash and I’ve had no reactions against them. I have very sensitive skin which means I can’t use many products but these I’ve been 100% fine with, which is obviously great!

I’m going to be focusing on a couple of their products for this post although I would encourage everyone to take a look at their full range if you’re interested in ARRAN Sense of Scotland. I’ll also take a little dive into the company and find out what others think about them, because as I always say you should do your research!

ARRAN Sense of Scotland Hand Wash

So for this post, ARRAN sent me some of their hand wash and it’s divine! Since the recent world events, I’ve been washing my hands a lot more just like I’m sure everyone else has been. I worked in a care home and had to make sure hand washing was one of the main priorities so I was going through soap like no tomorrow!

One thing I found is that a lot of soap gives me really dry hands and I hate it! I’ve been using this Glenashdale Grapefruit Hand Wash from ARRAN for a couple of weeks now and my hands haven’t dried out half as much! I still use hand cream though because I love it.

The smell is amazing but thankfully it’s not just single-use, you don’t have to throw it away as soon as you’re done. On the ARRAN Sense of Scotland website, you’re able to get your own refill packs and I’m living for it! First of all the hand wash bottles are totally recyclable. Their 2L hand wash refill bottles are also recyclable as well.

ARRAN Sense of Scotland Glenashdale Grapefruit Hand Wash

So I also wanted to talk about another of their products in this ARRAN Sense of Scotland Review post. I want to talk about their candles. I showcased one of their candles in my Mothers Day Gift Guide and I’ve been loving it. Of course, I used it myself because I wanted to make sure it was good enough to gift!

I showcased the ARRAN Sense of Scotland Cedarwood & Citrus 35cl Candle and it’s amazing. The packaging tin is totally recyclable and so is the candle jar. However, once you wash the glass jar you could use it for all sorts of things, such as a plant pot, pen pot or more!

It smells amazing and has over 35 hours of burn time to it, which is great as I have candles on all the time. The smell stays strong through the whole burn time as well, it doesn’t last a couple of hours and then stop,s unlike other candles I’ve gotten before. The candle is well worth it and I’d encourage anyone who loves candles to try this one out!

That being said they do have other scents that you can purchase and I’d be interested to know what the After The Rain candle smells like, maybe I’ll have to stick it on my Christmas list and see if I get it!

ARRAN Sense of Scotland Cedarwood & Citrus 35cl Candle

ARRAN Sense of Scotland Review

So I’ve spoken about some of the ARRAN Sense of Scotland products that I’m personally in love with. I haven’t spoken about the company yet though so let’s do that, shall we? Personally, I haven’t had any issues with the company, the dealings I’ve had with them have been 100% and I’m loving their customer service when I have ordered products.

Don’t take my word for it though. This ARRAN Sense of Scotland review needs to be well rounded which is why I have taken a little look at reviews online. The problem with ARRAN is that I can’t seem to find them on TrustPilot which I will say I think all companies need to be on, I’m forever checking out TrustPilot before buying with a new company!

The products on the ARRAN website have reviews on them, mostly 4 and 5 star reviews and it’s great to see what others are saying about the products and to know people love them! They have a 4.7 star rating on Facebook with 100+ reviews. Feefo, similar to TrustPilot, give them a 4.8 star rating from over 2k+ ratings.

The reviews and ratings speak for themselves. It’s nice to see that my ARRAN Sense of Scotland review holds up to the other reviews that people have left online and it’s not just my word against everyone else’s.

ARRAN Sense of Scotland Review Points

So I love the products, they smell great, they look great and they’re great value for money. One thing I haven’t seen others mention and something I saw myself is that A, the products are made in Scotland which I love! B, however, I can’t seem to find any indication on the products that I’ve tried if they’re tested on animals and if they sell vegan products which is a shame and something I’m always on the lookout for. If their products are vegan, this needs to be pointed out on all product packaging.

I also want to point out a few little extras that ARRAN offer within this ARRAN Sense of Scotland review. If you’re a member on their website you will get points, similar to shopping in Tesco! Plus you get 100 points as soon as you sign up, I’d encourage everyone to take full advantage of that.

If you spend more than £60 you’ll get gift wrap on your products for free, which is a nice touch. Plus if you sign up for their newsletter you’ll get a nifty 20% voucher code, what’s not to love!

Overall, I really love the ARRAN Sense of Scotland products. I think the company is awesome and I know that many others agree with me which is great! Do I think they need to do a few more bits to ensure they’re more eco conscious, yes but do I think they’re an amazing company to shop with and buy from, also yes!

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