Baked chocolate donut recipe

Baked Chocolate Donut Recipe

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I love donuts and I couldn’t wait to share this chocolate donut recipe with everyone as soon as I found out they were a success. You might be searching for chocolate doughnut recipe as well but you’ve come to the right place. I’m not sure why it’s called both chocolate doughnuts and chocolate donut but either way they taste amazing. I’ve never made homemade donuts before but I’m so glad I did and I’d advise others to do the same!

Chocolate Donut Recipe

If you’re looking for a donut recipe and you love chocolate, this is the one for you. It’s also a baked donut recipe which means you’ll not have to put in the effort of frying anything. A little chocolate donut has to be one of the yummiest snacks I can think of, these are perfect for snacks as well. This baked chocolate donut recipe takes hardly any time at all so you’ll have snacks before you know it!

mini chocolate doughnut recipe

Easy Donut Recipe

This homemade donut recipe is really simple and it takes no time at all which is the best part. If you want a really easy simple doughnut recipe you’ve come to the right place. This recipe works will all sized donuts, I used it for mini chocolate donuts as you can see from the pictures.

You can also made these into cupcakes if you really wanted to as the recipe is similar, this is a cake donut recipe and I have to say baked donuts are amazing and my new favourite. You really have to try these easy homemade donuts, you’ll never look back and they’re cheaper than buying in store.

Donut Glaze Recipe

The donut glaze is really nice on these and you hardly need anything to make it either, no long list of ingredients needed either. The chocolate donut glaze has to be the yummiest part of the donut as well and so much fun when you can just dunk the donut in and glaze it! If you’ve never used chocolate donut glaze you’re missing out. It’s a bit like a chocolate iced donut due to the use of icing sugar as well. Let’s hope you liked this easy baked donut recipe as much as I did!

mini chocolate doughnut glaze recipe

Baked Cake Donut Recipe

If you’re looking at making the best donut recipe on the market (this one) you’re going to need a donut tray! I have this amazing donut pan tray and it works wonders! The non-stick is great so you don’t need much to line the tray with and it looks amazing as well!

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