Boostology vegan candle marble holder

Boostolgy Solid Marble Candle Holder Review

If there are two things that I love it’s a nice candle and marble, I have the biggest marble collection know to man (well not really, but I am working on getting more marble). I’m so happy to be able to shout about this ace candle holder and tell you why you should be getting your own!

I’m not one that spends a lot of money on myself unless it’s something that I really love and something that I believe in and products to believe in are few and far between so when I found this marble one, I was sold!


I love this company, they obviously offer more than the average candle holder and I have to say their range is rather extensive. They have gifts for all occasions and you may have guessed, I love Christmas and their Christmas range is to die for!

Boostology is a company with a purpose, they don’t fill their products with harmful chemicals and they don’t test them on animals either and that’s something I can totally get behind any day of the week!

I love that their products are hand-made, if you want a one of the kind item to gift to someone special or keep for yourself, this is the place to find one of amazing quality.

Boostology Black Marble Candle Holder lit

Boostology Solid Black Marble Tea Light Candle Holder

So black is totally my colour which is why I picked this candle holder, but also if you’ve got the lights down with your candle going, due to it being black it really highlights the flame and makes it look beautiful.

First of all, I want to tell you to go and look at their vegan gifts range as it’s stunning and I want it all. Secondly, this candle holder comes with some amazing smelling tea lights and you’ll want to buy more so be careful, they’re addictive.

This candle holder is made from natural ingredients, vegan, cruelty-free and they plant a tree for every holder that is sold. I mean what’s not to love and their packaging is totally plastic-free and reusable.

Why Use Boostology?

In my opinion, there are loads of reasons as to why you should be shopping with Boostology, other than their amazing candle holder it is amazing though.

Boostology offer a 60 day returns policy, they understand that time is a factor and let’s face it, sometimes I have post sat around for days until I finally have the time to open them which is why having a longer returns window if something goes wrong is perfect.

Not only are their bespoke products amazing and handmade but they go that extra mile. Every product that Boostology sell means that they’ll plant one tree per one product sold. They do their bit for the environment every time someone contributes.

There are loads of reasons why you should be buying Boostology products and they’re all on display on their website and I encourage everyone to take a look before they buy anything, you’ll be happily surprised at how great they are.

Boostolgy Sold Marble Candle Holder Review

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