Marmalade baked oats dairy free gluten free

Breakfast Marmalade Baked Oats! {Dairy Free Gluten Free}

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I’ve been trying to find some new breakfast options at the moment, something sweet and something that didn’t involved bland breakfast cereals! The other half is a big slimming world buff and loves cooking everything slimming world, you should check out his slimming world website if you get the chance. However his version of baked oats wasn’t very free from friendly so I decided to switch it up so everyone could enjoy!

I was going to orignally just do a plain baked oats but I thought that was a little boring right? After watching padington bear the other day I found some paddington marmalade in Aldi and had to buy it. I thought this would be the perfect time to use some of it as well, sure it’s not the most healthiest option in the morning but it gave me the energy boost that I needed! I think paddington may have been in the wrong, I couldn’t imagine ever having a marmalade sandwich!!

I’m sure there are also loads of other variations that you could use if you wanted to, the other half used strawberrries and I’ve been tempted to do a cherry one at some point so keep your eyes peeled for that one! When you make the baked oats, before they go in the oven I like to put a tsb of marmalade in there and there’s still a little left over after and it’s nice and yummy even after half hour!

When it comes to cooking you have a few options, I know some people that use fancy casserole dishes and perfect glassware containers that cook to perfection and look stunning in pictures. I’m not that type of person. In fact I went with something that everyone could afford, it might not look amazing in pictures but you can put it in the over, put a lid on it after and if you have early mornings you can easily take them into work!

I’m of course talking about metal chinese containers! Not everyones first option I know but you can buy 25 for just £7 at the moment and they’re on prime which means if you wanted you could get them next day! They don’t take up loads of room either and they’re mega efficient so I’d check them out!

If you liked the recipe then let me know in the comments, is this something you’re going to make or are you already in love and you just came here for my marmalade recipe! It might not be the healthy all round but it taste amazing and it’s both dairy free and gluten free which is the main thing!

If you loved this recipe as much as paddington bear and I then you should totally pin it so you and others can find it later!

Marmalade dairy free gluten free baked oats

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