Creme Egg Fudge Recipe

Cadbury Creme Egg Fudge – Creme Egg Fudge Recipe

If you know me you’ll know I LOVE Creme eggs and every year I’m eating at least 100 of the things. This year however I thought it was time to start using them in my baking and the first thing I just had to try was fudge!

I’ve seen loads of creme egg recipes and I loved trying them out. They are far from healthy I will warn you but they taste so good and I can’t get enough! This creme egg recipe is super easy and you’re going to love it.

Creme Egg Fudge

This creme egg recipe UK style really shouts British don’t you think? Every year us Brits go mad over creme eggs and I can see why. I know a few people who don’t like them but each to their own!

This Cadbury creme egg fudge is the thing to make your day, I have it kept in the fridge in an airtight container and it keeps for a couple of weeks so I have enough to nibble on.

When it comes to a creme egg fudge recipe I have seen quite a few, all different but I like this one because it’s not too sickly and it showcases the best part of the cream egg, the centre.

Cadbury Creme Egg Fudge - Creme Egg Fudge Recipe

Creme Egg Baking Recipes

Now, this is a cream egg fudge recipe, that being said you can also make this a creme egg fudge bar recipe if you keep the portions rather large. There are loads of creme egg inspired recipes out there and you’ll find a few on this blog.

This Cadbury fudge recipe is super yummy. I use plain chocolate for the fudge but you can use Cadbury dairy milk chocolate for the fudge to make it even nicer, it depends on what you can afford, either are nice.

This is a super easy creme egg recipe to make as well so if you want something that doesn’t take much effort and a treat for the whole family, this is the one for you!

Make sure you’re using a deep silicone baking tray, it’s the easiest to use, great for the environment as you’re ditching single-use baking parchment and easy to take the fudge out of and clean afterwards.

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Cadbury Creme Egg Fudge Recipe

So this recipe takes time to set in the fridge of course but it just means you have something to look forward to. If you do your cream egg fudge different to me please do let me know in the comments.

You can also put in little mini cream eggs in the mixture if you want cream eggs to appear throughout the fudge and get that gooey creme egg filling fudge!

Now, this isn’t a slow cooker fudge recipe, you can make this slow cooker creme egg fudge recipe if you want if you don’t have time to stand over the hob, either way, it’ll taste amazing.

You should have at least 22 pieces of fudge if you cut them at a “normal” size, however, it’s your fudge to do what you want with and you pick how big it’s cut!

Creme Egg Fudge Recipe

Cadbury Creme Egg Fudge Recipe

Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 12 mins
Servings 22


  • 400g Chocolate
  • 1 Tin Condensed milk
  • 250g Icing sugar
  • 6 Creme eggs


  • Break the chocolate into smaller pieces, add this with the condensed milk over the hob and on a low heat mix until combined.
  • Once combined, sift the icing sugar and mix into the fudge mixture until all is gone.
  • Add the mixture to a silicone baking tray and then place the eggs however you want them. I cut mine in half and place them in with the middle facing out.
  • Stick the mixture in the fridge to set and then eat & enjoy!
Cadbury Creme Egg Fudge Recipe

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