The Benefits Of Going Vegan

The Benefits of Veganism There are many reasons for pursuing a vegan diet. Setting aside the purported health benefits, a large percentage of people simply believe that eating meat is unethical and inhumane. Distinct from vegetarians, many vegans eschew dairy products because they are uncomfortable with the idea of taking […]

Create A Meal Plan To Avoid Allergens!

Create A Meal Plan To Avoid Allergens!

Allergens are everywhere, if you’re making meals in the moment and not planning ahead you’re going to find yourself at risk of coming in contact with allergens, something no one wants. This is one of the main reasons I put myself a meal plan together each week, other than trying […]

Aldi sugar free sweets

Aldi Low Calorie Sugar Free Sweets!

I’m always on the look out for low calorie food and sugar free foods. They’re better for you and they help me lose weight in the long run. The thing I love about these sugar free sweets are that they’re all under £1, dpeneding on what ones you go for […]