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Spices Apple Crisps Recipe - Vegan Apple Crisps

Spiced Apple Crisps Recipe – Vegan Apple Crisps

If you’re looking for something unusual to do and feel a little creative, these crisps are to die for! The thing I love about these crisps is they can either be festive apple crisps or thanksgiving apple crisps depending on how you use them! I never thought that dried apples […]

Basic Vegan Cupcake Recipe

Basic Vegan Cupcake Recipe

Sometimes in life, we need to get back to basics, I love making cakes and I love icing them; that being said a cupcake recipe is always needed and that’s why I decided to make this vegan cupcakes recipe so that everyone can find it when they want to create […]

Vegan Buttercream Recipe

Vegan Buttercream Recipe

{Affiliate links} I recently made a vegan victoria sponge cake and got in a right huff about the filling, I tried some whipped cream recipes that I found online several times and they just didn’t work. That’s when I wanted to make up a vegan buttercream to save the day […]

Easy Vegan Chocolate Brownies Recipe - how to make vegan brownies

Easy Vegan Chocolate Brownies Recipe

{Affiliate links} Who doesn’t love brownies? I know I do and this vegan brownies recipe is just the thing to hit the spot! Now before I start you might be thinking, what makes this the best brownie recipe on the internet? Well, I ate 8 of them within an hour […]

Healthy Coconut Balls Recipe Easy Snacks Recipes

Healthy Coconut Balls Recipe – Easy Snacks Recipe

{Affiliate links} Now that I’ve been home for a while I’ve been trying to find healthy snack recipes and it’s quite impossible because they’re normally packed with so much sugar my teeth might fall out! This healthy snack recipe does use a lot of coconut, so if you’re not a […]

Easy vegan chocolate cookies Recipe

Vegan Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Cookies

{Affiliate links present} I love cookies and at the moment I can’t stop making them, what’s more, the other half loves them as well so they don’t hang around much, these vegan chocolate chip cookies got eaten so fast I had to make a second batch just to get some […]