Slow cooker chocolate cherry fudge recipe

Chocolate Cherry Fudge Recipe

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Chocolate and Cherry Fudge Recipe

There’s nothing I like more than cherries and I have to say I was over the moon when I thought about this chocolate and cherry fudge recipe. Chocolate fudge is nice on its own but I couldn’t resist putting in some cherries and giving it that extra touch. This chocolate and cherry fudge recipe is to die for, you can try it with white chocolate as well if you want but I much prefer milk chocolate. 

When it comes to adding cherries into this chocolate fudge recipe I much prefer using Opies cherries. I use the Opies Cocktail Cherries but you can always use the Opies black cherries in kirsch to give it that kick and make it a little more adult-friendly. Opies cherries in kirsch are infused with alcohol, not something I’d feed the children! 

Slow cooker fudge recipes

The thing I love about slow cooker recipes is that it’s so easy, you hardly have to spend much time around the cooker and you check in on it every 15 minutes until it’s done. I will say I use this three-pot slow cooker and it’s a godsend. Each pot is big enough to make one of my slow cooker fudge recipe that I have and you can also make different meals for dinner, if you have a party to cater for, it’s great! 

When it comes to fudge recipes I have one tip, use a silicone baking tray. The fudge doesn’t stick to the baking tray and I also love using it for flapjack recipes as well. I’ve used it with every fudge recipe I have and I’m not going to stop using it either. If you fancy trying out some of my other fudge recipes you’ll be amazed at what you can make in a slow cooker! However, this chocolate and cherry slow cooker fudge recipe is amazing and you NEED to try it!

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Weight Watchers Chocolate Cherry Fudge

If you’re on the weight watchers plan and you’re finding it really difficult to find some weight watchers fudge, I might have what you need! If you’re looking for weight watcher recipes with a naughty kick, well this weight watchers dessert recipe is one you might enjoy. Each portion of this fudge is only going to cost you 11.9 weight watchers points and it’s a great little treat to end the day!

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Slow cooker easy chocolate and cherry fudge recipe

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