Chocolate Coffee And Walnut Fudge Recipes

Chocolate Coffee And Walnut Fudge Recipe

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I love fudge and I can’t stop making it, I probably won’t ever stop either because it’s so easy to do! I have chocolate coffee beans and I wanted to put them into a recipe, otherwise, they’ll hardly get used and I would have to throw them away, so I thought about this coffee fudge! So sit back, take a look at this coffee fudge recipe and enjoy!

I say coffee fudge, however, this is coffee and walnut fudge at it’s finest, the walnuts give it that extra crunch and the coffee is just enough to have that subtle taste that makes it all worthwhile. This coffee and walnut fudge recipe are super easy to make and takes little effort.

Making An Easy Fudge Recipe

Making a fudge recipe easy isn’t just about having less ingredients and making it quick. In fact this slow cooker fudge recipe is far from quick but it is easy! Slow cooker fudge recipes are always long, but you don’t have to be stood by the cooker for ages and it’s super simple. There are a few tips however that I’d suggest following.

When it comes to the best slow cooker, you don’t want something huge otherwise you’ll need to make a lot of fudge to fill it. I have this three-pot slow cooker and have to say it’s amazing, it’s small enough to make fudge and three pots so you can make a large dinner. My other suggestion would be to use a silicone baking tray, it’s perfect for fudge recipes, flapjack recipes and more because it doesn’t stick to the food, I’d be lost without mine.

Coffee and Walnut Fudge

I love this coffee and walnut fudge recipe, I have to say the walnut gives it the crunch needed and add just enough coffee to have that yummy aftertaste kick in. I love fudge, if you fancy checking out my other fudge recipes take a look at all my other fudge recipes here

Slow Cooker Chocolate Coffee And Walnut Fudge Recipes

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