Easy Topped Chocolate flapjacks recipes

Chocolate Flapjack Recipe

Everyone loves flapjacks right? It’s taken me forever to get a flapjack recipe which actually works but I finally did it. Chocolate flapjacks are one thing I think we can agree on being yummy, which is why I’m going to show you how to make chocolate flapjacks, well chocolate covered flapjacks anyway. I like the fact that these are more flapjacks with chocolate on top, it’s not mega-rich but it’s enough to hit the spot!

Chocolate Flapjacks Recipe

If you’re looking for a flapjack recipe easy to make then this is pretty much it. The taste from the chocolate both inside the flapjack and on top is enough to keep you happy and it doesn’t take much skill to get it right either, which I say to say is a problem with flapjack recipes; they can be a little confusing!

Now granted they don’t look the best when it comes to pictures but that’s not an issue, the main point is you’re going to love them when it comes to taste and I’m sure everyone else will as well, these went down a storm at work. These chocolate topped flapjacks have a nice crunch to them which makes them that little bit yummier.

Easy Flapjack Recipe

If you’re looking at making this an easy flapjack recipe I have a few tips for you. For starters you want to make sure that you have a silicone baking tray to cook with. They make getting any food out so much easier and nothing is going to stick to tin foil or baking parchment, it’s one of the best kitchen investments I’ve ever made.

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