Chocolate Orange Cookies Recipe

Chocolate Orange Cookies Recipe

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One night I was a little peckish after dinner and decided to head into the kitchen and bake something, which is when I made these chocolate orange cookies! Now you better believe me when I say they really didn’t last long, a day and they were gone, they were that nice.

Now let’s face it, I’ve made a lot of vegan cookie recipes although I’m afraid to say that this isn’t one of them, I’ve used fudge within this recipe which demotes it to vegetarian cookies but they’re still super yummy! If you wanted you could always put vegan chocolate chips in and use vegan orange flavouring however I love these cookies just the way that they are!

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Chocolate Cookies Recipes

This isn’t your classic cookie recipe filled to the brim with different types of chocolate I’m afraid if you’re after something like that I’d suggest trying my Vegan chocolate chip cookies recipe as they’re full of chocolate and taste amazing. These cookies, however, have chocolate orange chunks inside and remind me so much of different Christmas cookies.

I love playing with different Christmas cookie recipes and can’t wait to do more on the blog but I thought I’d start with something a little stripped back and simple, which these are for sure! These Christmas orange cookies will have you thinking of presents and Christmas trees with every bite, trust me!

Don’t forget, if you want an easier baking experience and don’t want to mess about with loads of baking parchment, washing up and want to be a bit more eco friendly, use a silicone baking tray/mat and make your life a lot easier!

Christmas Vegan Recipes

If you’re vegan and trying to live your best life I understand that Christmas can be a very difficult time of year when there are not loads of vegan Christmas recipes knocking about, although the internet is getting a lot better! In the meantime why don’t you check out my classic vegan mince pies recipe or better yet if you’ve got the time why don’t you try making my amazing vegan Christmas pudding recipe. Trust me you won’t be disappointed!

The best thing about cookies is you can eat them whenever you want. I tend to find cookies after dinner is the best treat ever! However, I know that if you have a cookie in the morning it’s bound to wake you up as it does with me! If you want to call them chocolate orange biscuits, however, go ahead!

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