Chunky Monkey Ice Cream Donut

Chunky Monkey Ice Cream Banana Donuts

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If you didn’t already know I love Ben and Jerrys ice cream, a lot! I also love banana donuts so I wanted to put it with my favourite ice cream of theirs which is the chunky monkey ice cream. The ben and jerry’s chunky monkey ice cream has to be the nicest one I’ve ever tried even if you can hardly find it in the UK, which is why I thought I’d make these chunky monkey ice cream donuts, or at least attempt them.

Banana Donut recipe

In order to make a chunky monkey donut I took a basic banana donut recipe and change it up a bit. I have to say this is a really simple banana donut recipe, easy to make and doesn’t take that much time at all. The fun part is adding the topping which really turns it into an ice cream favourite! I have to say I love banana recipes and if you fancy making something else with banana in it take a look at these Vegan Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, almost as nice as a banana donuts!

These baked banana donuts don’t take long to make either, 12 minutes and you have a batch ready to go. I also love banana recipes as it uses up the bananas you have laying about, I never use up all the bananas I buy so I make sure to use them in a recipe.

Homemade Donut Recipe

I’ve made a few homemade donut recipes and have to say this is my favourite, although I did like this Salted Caramel Donut Recipe and the chocolate donut glaze was to die for! However, for this recipe you’re using chocolate and not a chocolate glaze, which is equally as nice. The thing I like about homemade donuts is you can create anything you want and add any topping you want, getting creative is half the fun! With this simple doughnut recipe you can add flavourings and all sorts of fun toppings.

Chunky Monkey Ice Cream Donuts

Let me know if you’ve tried these homemade banana donuts and if you’ve made any other easy homemade donuts because I’m always looking for new recipes to make and enjoy.

Chunky Monkey Ice Cream Donuts

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