Clean Living Products

Clean Living Review Eco Cleaning Products – Business Showcase

Gifted products – these products have been sent to me for my business showcase. All views are 100% my own!

Let’s talk about the best cleaning brand I’ve used in a long time! Clean Living!!

One thing that never stops is cleaning, I worked in a care home for a couple of years as the head housekeeper and I worked daily and there was always something that needed to be cleaned! I wished that we had better eco-friendly products and even though I’m not working there anymore I’m always on the lookout for cleaning products that don’t do more harm than good!

These cleaning products are just the thing I’ve been looking for all these years! Let’s face it, we Brits tidy up daily, we have chores and we always make sure the whole home is tidy and shining before anyone comes round! It can’t just be my mum who would tidy like a madwoman before guests arrived right?

Clean Living products are cleaning products made from natural ingredients that aren’t going to harm your skin but are going to make sure your place is looking cleaner than ever, and with ease!

Why I Love Clean Living Products

There are so many reasons as to why I love Clean Living. To start with they are totally cruelty free. I love brands that use products not tested on animals. It’s 2021, there’s no need to be testing products on animals and I’m glad that Clean Living agrees. After all, animals are so cute, why would you want to harm them!

The Clean Living products work really, really well! We obviously do a lot of baking in our house due to the food blogs and the kitchen cleaner that we used worked great! The products are natural, safe and really combats dirt and remove everything that shouldn’t be there, basically, it’s amazing!

The one thing I love about Clean Living products is that everything is recyclable and you can actually mail your sachets back to them and they will properly dispose of them! They include an envelope with your order and to me that speaks volumes about a company! You can tell Clean Living put thought into their products and that is why I feel they should be everywhere!

The Eco-Friendly Complete Cleaning Kit

So this is the kit that I got. It has everything in it to clean your entire home and lasts a really long time as well so you won’t have to keep replacing what it comes with, unlike other companies that try and take all your money! You only need a little to go a long way with Clean Living.

I have been told by my amazing husband that the glass microfibre cloth that comes in the set is really great to use, I myself cannot stand the feel of them so I will say that the dry carpet cleaner that comes in the set is amazing and I’m buying more, it leaves everything smelling just right and the result is nice and clean!

So if you want the whole shebang, go for this kit! It’s less hassle and you don’t have to buy all the products individually which is perfect, less waste all round and less packaging waste and your home will be much cleaner all round!

Cleaning Products With A Conscience © With Clean Living

It’s clear that the masterminds behind Clean Living really do have a conscience! You can buy refill packs on their website and you won’t have to worry about buying a new bottle every time you run out, which you’ll be doing every time you get a new bottle of something from the supermarket; you can cut that habit out now though!

There’s also a really handy subscription service that you can sign up to and make sure that you never miss a refill ever again! Personally, I love a good subscription because I’m very forgetful and never remember to buy things when I need to, so if you’re like me take a look! You can personalise it however you want as well and make sure the product you use, doesn’t run out!

If you’ve used Clean Living before, let me know! I’m now a total fan and you can bet that I’m converted and will be getting more! The great thing about these products though is that they last longer than any shop brought rubbish and you won’t need to pay out all the time so it’ll be a while until I need to get more!