Create A Meal Plan To Avoid Allergens!

Create A Meal Plan To Avoid Allergens!

Allergens are everywhere, if you’re making meals in the moment and not planning ahead you’re going to find yourself at risk of coming in contact with allergens, something no one wants. This is one of the main reasons I put myself a meal plan together each week, other than trying to save money by buying smart and eating healthier and staying away from take aways!

I’ve had a lot of people tell me that they don’t know how to put together a meal plan, it’s so simple though and literally takes you 5 minutes to do every weekend. We do ours on a Saturday right before we go shopping. We do it before we go shopping because it helps us to use stuff we already have in, for example you might have a load of chicken you need to use up in the freezer, great make a couple of chicken dishes!

If you’re like me you can’t pass a good deal by. This is why we end up with cupboards and freezers full of foods, this is also why a meal plan is amazing, it means you’re using all the yummy bits you’ve got ready in your kitchen! The best thing is if you’ve already purchased them yourself you’ll know they’re suitable to whatever your needs may be.

Avoiding allergens, if you have no idea what you’re making you might find yourself in the supermarket picking up anything to stick a meal together in a hurry! With a meal plan you can know exactly what you need and write a shopping list in advance. This way you’re going to have all the products you need, I mean if you’re into haul videos then check out these shopping hauls from KatyKicker who knows all about allergens, meal planning and making meals in advance!

Free From Meal Planning

To make it so much easier for you to satart meal planning I’ve made my own meal planning sheet for you! There’s loads of space a little bit at the bottom so you can write a little shopping list. Something I’d recommend doing, and it can be done at a library if they have the equipment. Get it laminated and get a pen to write on it, you can rub it off weekend and then you don’t have to print off more than one! How amazing is that!

So there you have it, download your own printable and start to meal plan. Like I’ve said it’s a perfect way to avoid allergens, save money and eat healithier. If you’re like me and you have an allowence for take aways every month then you can factor these in, I’m allowed two a month and I usually use them week 1 and week 3!

Create A Meal Plan To Avoid Allergens!



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