Dr. Vegan Supplements Review – Business Showcase!

Gifted products – these products have been sent to me for my business showcase. All views are 100% my own!

So 2021 is the year when I get myself together and thanks to several restrictions I’ve decided that growing my hair is the way forward. This is why I’m over the moon to be shouting about these supplements from Dr. Vegan. I’m mainly growing my hair in protest against that pesky virus going around!

I’ve been working with Dr. Vegan who has ensured me they can help me with that and I’ve been trying their vegan supplements myself to give myself a boost in the hair growing area and to also help with my mental health.

I tried two of their best supplements for a month and I’m can’t wait to tell you how I got on. I’ve always been a little sceptical about supplements and if they actually work so I’m going to be very critical here. One thing I will say is I love the metal tin you’re provided with, that way the supplements don’t need to be kept in that bag all the time!

Dr. Vegan Supplements Review

Dr. Vegan Daily Multi-Vitamin Supplements

These multi-vitamin supplements were the ones I was most excited to be trying. I’ve been growing my hair and I wanted a little boost as it takes forever. Without any help, your hair only grows half an inch per month, which is a terrible 6 inches per year and in this instance size does matter.

I’ve taken the whole months worth of these hair growth supplements and I have a few things to say. I will start with the taste and smell, it’s not the best I’m not going to lie but it’s something you can get past if you want real results, which is something these supplements actually offer.

Before I took these I couldn’t even get my hair in a hairband, that sucked as I’d been growing it for almost four months. Since I finished these I can now almost get a top knot. I thought they were terrible as well but I wanted to experience it! In my opinion, these hair growing supplements work and if I was growing my hair long term, I’d get more.

So if you want to know if the Dr. Vegan Daily Multi-Vitamin Supplements are worth buying? I would say yes.

Dr. Vegan Daily Multi Vitamin Supplements Review

Dr. Vegan Stay Calm™ Supplements

Mental health is a big part of my life. I suffer from BPD so staying calm, clear and focused isn’t always easy. A lot of people have to deal with stress and anxiety on a daily basis and that’s something people are getting more used to, the stigma is going!

I will say for April my moods were less dramatic. I didn’t get down and anxious as much and I felt the benefit. Now I’m not a scientist so I’m not going to say these pills work 110%. What I will say is they work for me, which means they’re either doing something to help my body process or just the fact that I’m taking them is making my brain feel better.

So it might be the placebo effect or they might be working wonders, one thing I will say is I think they had an impact. So the Stay Calm™ supplements have the seal of approval from me!

Dr. Vegan Stay Calm™ Supplements Review

Why I Love Dr. Vegan

As you know I love everything vegan. I love products that are doing their bit for the environment, not hurting animals in the process and that have natural ingredients that aren’t full of harmful chemicals. The supplements also cover everything. They are gluten-free, lactose-free and totally easy to swallow.

All the nutritional information is available on their website, make sure you check it out. I would like to point out that their pricing is superb. I’ve seen supplements that cost a fortune, these are affordable and you can get them on subscription as well so you never forget to buy them.

On top of all that they send their supplements in eco-friendly packaging, so you’re doing your bit for the environment by getting your supplements through Dr. Vegan and I think that’s amazing.

Have you used Dr. Vegan before? Let me know in the comments what you thought or if you’re thinking about trying supplements?

Dr. Vegan Supplements Review

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