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Some items in this post were gifted, all views are 100% my own.

Some people may not have a clue what Earth Day is, I didn’t a while back and it’s not until now that I’m really understanding what Earth Day is all about. Earth Day is an annual event that takes place on April 22nd, it encourages us to do better for the environment and maintain our habitat because after all, we only have one Earth!

On this website, you’ll see that I’ve made a few posts on how you can shop better and use better alternatives to help the planet. Within this post, I’m going to talk about the various alternative swaps you can make to take better care of our planet and make it a better world for future generations.

If you’re interested in making switches in your life that have a positive impact you might want to check out my eco-friendly hair care products post and see if you can make any changes in the bathroom. You can also take a look at my business showcase posts that I release once a month to bring you some amazing companies that are doing their part, not just on Earth Day!

What Is Earth Day?

The first Earth Day was in 1970 which totally blows my mind. However, even though earth day has now been successfully in operation for 52 years, more needs to be done. Times change, populations grow and issues become bigger and harder to solve. It’s now 2022 and the need for Earth Day is greater than ever which is why it’s amazing that over 190 countries now actively take part in Earth Day.

You might be thinking what is Earth Day and why should I care? Well, you might be thinking that because the majority of readers on my website are from the UK although Earth Day was actually established in the USA and only when the movement grew and became more influential did other countries start taking part. It wasn’t until 1990 that Earth Day actually became global and 32 years on it’s really making progress!

Earth Day Alternatives

Now there are loads of big changes you can make in your life and there are also loads of little swaps you can implement to make a change. It doesn’t have to be huge, you don’t have to stop eating meat totally or never buy a plastic item ever again to start on your journey. Take a look at some of the alternatives below for some smaller ideas that you can start to make a difference.

45 Rolls of Plastic Free Eco 3 Ply Toilet Roll from OnBuy

Do you buy toilet rolls? Well, most people do I suppose but the amount of plastic that surrounds our toilet rolls is disgusting. It’s normally covered with soft plastic that ends up in landfills and can’t be recycled. You can buy toilet paper that’s wrapped in paper but then you still have waste to deal with and it’s just another issue to face when you get to the bathroom to put away your toilet roll and let’s face it, more time consuming and hassle.

Take a look at this box of 45 toilet rolls that you can buy from OnBuy, totally plastic-free and without time-consuming plastic or bamboo wraps. OnBuy will literally send you a box of toilet rolls, they aren’t wrapped and they come in a recyclable cardboard box which you can either reuse or recycle, it’s a win-win situation.

Lentil Crisps from Source of the Earth

Looking for something a little different in your snacks that isn’t going to kill the earth in the process? I have you covered! Now I love food that’s low in calories and each packet only has 96 calories so they aren’t going to cause you to need new clothes! There’s no added sugar and they are gluten-free. Not to mention also vegan and approved by the good ole vegan society.

Yes, these snacks are amazing, taste great and come in a variety of flavours so anyone can love them but they’re so much more. They are totally plastic-free and fully compostable at home so you won’t have to take them anywhere to compost them. If you’re a keen gardener like myself, you’ll know how amazing these really are!

Eco-Friendly If You Care Range

Being eco-conscious in the kitchen is something I’ve been trying to improve on this Earth Day and hopefully, I’m getting there. I’m in love with the If You Care range of eco-friendly products that they have. Their products support various areas in the kitchen no matter what you’re doing and I mainly love them for the baking aspect which I think you’ll agree with me on.

I am loving their unbleached wax paper and parchment baking paper, which are chlorine-free and not tested on animals which is great. I’m also a new fan of their paper food bags. Up till now, I’ve been using the normal plastic food bags, not anymore. Whenever I can help it I’m switching to these amazing paper food bags and I think everyone should give them a go!

Aroma Care Bio One

I don’t know about anyone else but I go through a ton of cleaning products every year and it’s starting to really annoy me, especially with single-use plastic still being a thing! With the Aroma care bio one range, you’re going to be getting vegan cleaning products that aren’t going to harm you or anyone around you!

Their products are made in Britain which I love, and are pet friendly which is the main feature as the ones I’m showing off are used to eliminate pet odour! The kits are also totally eco-friendly. Check them out and see how you can make a better cleaning swap! Also, their recyclable packaging looks amazing.

Dr Bronner’s

I love Dr Bronner’s and their soap. It’s a soap that I used during lockdown and while I worked at a care home which I found did wonders for my skin and didn’t dry my hands out like so many other soap alternatives out there. They have liquid soap, bar soap and many more products like lip balm that are versatile and work well.

Their products are versatile and can be used for a number of different things such as washing your hands, hair and body, you can even do the dishes with them. Take a look at their products and maybe let me know what you think. I’ve even heard them mentioned on the This Might Get Weird podcast, which I love!


I love a good cling film and tin foil alternative. I can’t use cling film to save my life and when it comes to tin foil, it always ends up with multiple holes in it! I was looking for an alternative for so long and never really found something that worked that well. That being said once I found WaxWrap I’ve not purchased cling film since.

WaxWrap are great. They come in various shapes and sizes as well which is the best part and they’re so much more versatile than cling film! You can get WaxWrap bags, a roll so you can use it similar to cling film and also wraps for bigger things. I love using the sandwich bags although sometimes I just fill them with cookies!

The best part with these wraps is you can just give them a clean and use them again. Which is something you can’t do with other products out there! They’re obviously long-lasting and the best part of all is you’re saving money from not having to buy multiple products all the time!

Earth Day Alternatives – Healthier Swaps?

What did you think about these Earth Day alternatives? Have you got any suggestions for products that are easy to swap in your everyday lives? Think of it as a permanent giving up something for lent. I’d love to know what you do to make healthier and more eco-conscious swaps in your life?

One thing I’ve found that could help save the planet and save you money is to change supermarkets. We swapped from Asda to Aldi years ago and our food budget was almost halved, we got more for our money and we also changed many products with better packaging that can be recycled.

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