Easy Lemon Sugar Cookies Recipe

Easy Lemon Sugar Cookies

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If there’s one thing I love, that’s lemon in my baking and that’s why I had to make these amazing lemon cookies! At the moment going out and shopping is a little difficult, so I decided to take a look at what was in the cupboards and start creating, which is why I was over the moon when I saw I could make this ace lemon cookie recipe.

When you look at the lemon cookies ingredients you might think there’s a little too much lemon in it, nope the amount is spot on, in my opinion, it does all depend on how much you like lemon but I think it’s got a nice flavour and it packs a subtle punch, great with a cup of tea!

How to make lemon cookies from scratch?

These lemon sugar cookies are super easy to make from scratch, they’re very simple to make. Just chuck it into a bowl, mix it all together and bake. The worst part of the recipe is waiting to eat them! Make sure you chill them in the fridge and have a cup of tea while you wait, otherwise they won’t bake just right.

The Best Lemon Cookie Recipe

Some people have called these lemon zest cookies, not too sure why but I do like adding the zest from one lemon, not too much but enough to give it that amazing lemon flavour. These are no way lemon diet cookies, they will make you put on weight if you eat too many although they’re so good you can’t resist! If you want lemon cookies chewy and simple, these are ones to go for!

So if you’re looking for how to make lemon cookies, hopefully, this recipe will do you proud. I took them into work and they went down a storm so if you have some favourite colleagues, take these into your work and be the talk of the staff room!

Easy lemon sugar cookies recipe

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