Eco Friendly Gifts For Christmas – Eco Friendly Gift Guide

I love Christmas and there’s nothing better than gifts that make a difference! This isn’t going to be a huge list because I don’t want the amazing products here to get lost in an endless chain of gifts that you might get if you feel like it. Instead, I want people to be interested in these gifts and really think about the impact that they can make!

Gin Bath Salts!

I would love to invite everyone to enjoy these pink gin bath salts. They are packaged in 100% recyclable materials which means you don’t have to feel bad taking a bath unlike if you were to use other products.

Although these pink gin bath salts would be a great way to treat yourself, I would like to remind you that it’s almost Christmas so make sure you get some of these for a family member or friend. You can get them from Boots and they are super affordable as well, what are you waiting for?!

Mavala: Mini Christmas Trio of Polishes 

Know someone who can’t get enough of painting their nails? Are they old enough to have their own nail polish? Check out these amazing trio packs of nail polish. The colours are amazing, the sets look really nice and neat and best of all you can have great nails without having to go to a salon and pay a fortune!

These gift sets are affordable, make the best stocking fillers for anyone who uses nail polish and are enough to give anyone a smile on Christmas day, as long as they actually want them that is! While you’re getting some, get yourself one to celebrate finding something amazing!

Amazing Reusable Frugi Wrapping Papper!

Have you ever sat there at Christmas and started to get really annoyed with the amount of wrapping paper you’re using, me too! I’ve started doing nice little gift bags and hampers instead of using loads of wrapping paper because it’s such a waste and it only gets thrown in the bin after use anyway.

I have a new, nifty little solution. Reusable wrapping paper. This reusable wrapping paper means you can wrap someone something nice up for Christmas and they can either use it again or you can request it back and use it again next year. Personally, if it’s a family member I would tell them it’s reusable and let them decide.

I can’t recommend using this enough and really think everyone needs to start changing their ways on how they gift at Christmas time, here’s a great start!

Face Serums thebeautyworX

If you’re looking to keep your skin healthy next year or know someone who is, these face miracles are the thing for you. They’re affordable, use quality and ethically sourced ingredients and really do wonders for your skin, I’ve tried them and have to agree. Check them out and I will point out they make great stocking fillers at that price!

Eco Rascals Duck shaped Eco-Friendly Table Set

I can’t get enough of this bamboo duck suction plate, bowl, spoon and cup with silicone straw feeder and two straws set! It’s made from Bamboo and you may know a lot of our traditional plastic items are moving to bamboo these days, like your common toothbrush for example.

This set is great for babies with its suction tech so it won’t get thrown around unlike other products. It looks amazing and it’s got a decent price compared to others on the market. You’d be crazy not to gift someone this if they have had a child recently, this is the best gift because most people will just be getting them clothes!

If you’re looking for something a little fun, quirky and that is going to be used often. This Eco Rascals set is the thing you need to gift this Christmas!

Xtreme 3 Eco Comfort Disposable Razors

Normally I would say never buy disposable razors and I myself gave up using them. That doesn’t mean everyone else has as well. Loads of people still buy the cheap, nasty and harmful razors that will slowly destroy this planet. This is why I introduce to you the Xtreme 3 Eco Comfort Disposable Razors.

They come in both purple and green colours so you have a choice, which is always nice. Better than the horrible cheap blue ones you can buy, you know the ones! They use recyclable materials and their packaging is also recyclable. They make great stocking fillers and are the perfect gift to introduce someone to a more green life! Give someone a green Christmas this year and make them happy and a difference in the process!

Shop Eco For Christmas!

So remember if you’re looking at buying something this Christmas maybe think about getting something that has a more positive environmental impact or a more natural product to help take care of yourself or someone that you love!