Eco-Friendly Hair Care Products

Some products were gifted to create this post. All views and opinions are my own.

Hair products are something that I use daily. I wash my hair every day. I dye my hair at least once a month because the new colours just excite me. I use hair product in my hair and if I’m in a rush, I’ll just throw in some dry shampoo and hope for the best. It’s safe to say we all care about our hair, most of us though also care about the planet and it can be a fine line between the two.

If you’re on the lookout for eco-friendly hair care products like I am, I might have some new ones for you to take a look at. They all have their own unique qualities and ways that they are more eco-conscious than your regular hair care products you’ve been buying all this time.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Are you fed up with using single-use plastic every time you go and wash your hair? Well, I have several solutions for you! You might have seen I’ve already spoken about Grüum, a company that I’ve shopped with for literally years now and I’m forever buying their shampoo and conditioner bars, check out my Grüum review for more details!

Grüum isn’t the only brand out there and I’m here to show you a few more that might tickle your fancy! Before I get onto reusable bars I wanted to draw your attention to some spicy shampoo and conditioner that I’m living for at the moment! Urtekram makes some amazing shampoo and conditioner which both myself and my partner love. The smell is transcending and it does wonders for our hair!

Urtekram does come in different scents as well if you want to try something different. Urtekram uses different methods to ensure their products are as sustainable as possible. They only use green electricity from wind farms, which I love. Their product packaging is plant-based as well and uses biodegradable formulas so you won’t have to worry about what you throw away.

Now let’s get talking about some shampoo and conditioner bars. I’ve been lucky enough to try these new, fabulous and amazing hair bars. I will admit I was a little worried, I use a shampoo and a conditioner bar and not an all in one bar. I’ve heard the all in one bars will dry out your hair and they don’t last long, wrong!

I’ve tried these amazing No Secrets set of four shampoo and body bars and I love them. I no longer need shower gel because it’s in the bar. However, I’m not sure I’m totally converted. I love the bar as a shampoo bar and I think going forward I will be using them but I still need my fancy shower gels and conditioner bars I’m afraid!

No Secrets are an amazing company with so many eco selling points you’ll be amazed! All the bars are soap-free, paraben-free, sulphate free, palm oil-free and plastic-free and their packaging looks amazing and is plastic free as well so you can easily recycle it and not feel as guilty.

Now let’s talk about something that I’ve never really used before and until the big world event we’ll not talk about in 2020 I never thought I’d give it any thought. Dry shampoo! Since that horrible event took place I’ve been using dry shampoo and I will admit it’s a lifesaver and I’ve not looked back since!

Since this post, however, I’ve been using Amika: Perk Up Dry Shampoo and I can’t get enough. It works better than other dry shampoos that I’ve used in the past, it does a great job and when they advertise perk up as a USP, they mean it!

I’d highly suggest giving the Amika: products a try and don’t forget to recycle all the products that you get from them, unlike other companies that don’t make a dry shampoo that you can recycle the packaging! I also love the fact that they are vegan and Leaping Bunny Certified because it’s now 2022 and there’s no reason why any company should be testing on animals!

Shampoo and Conditioner Eco-friendly Hair Care Facts

Figures show that in the UK over 520 million single-use plastic bottles of shampoo are thrown away each year. That means 520 million conditioner bottles are also thrown away every year which is mind-blowing! If you switch to plastic-free packaging shampoo and conditioner bars, think of the impact you’re going to make!

Another personal fact, one that I truly believe in myself. If you drop a bottle of shampoo or conditioner on your foot it’s going to hurt a lot more than if you drop a shampoo or conditioner bar on your foot. Give that some thought!

Other Eco-Friendly Hair Care Products

So of course more goes onto our hair than just shampoo and conditioner. Personally, I love to dye my hair and I’m always a different colour and I’m probably never going to stop. If in 40 years you walk past a care home and there’s a man sat there with blue hair, that’s me.

However I’ve never really taken any interest in if my hair dye is vegan or if the packaging is sustainable, that is until now. I’ve seriously found a company that I love, that makes my hair shine and brings an amazing colour. I used their red colour and I’m not going to lie, one of the best results I’ve had in the past 5 years.

Naturtint sells a wide range of hair dyes and there’s a colour for everyone. Their hair dyes are biobased, which means they use bioproducts that aren’t going to have a negative impact on the planet and also help the company to use more renewable resources. Also, the smell isn’t terrible like other hair dyes that I’ve used.

Dog Eco-Friendly Hair Care Products

Now yes I was thinking about doing a whole post on eco-friendly products for dogs and cats. That being said, this is a haircare post and I think it’s just as important to make sure our four-legged friends get the best from life as well.

Be:Loved sell some amazing products for dogs to keep their fur shiny, well managed and healthy. They also sell other great products like their amazing boot room candle that I highly recommend! Be:Loved products are 100% natural so you know they won’t harm your pets however always check the ingredients to double-check.

I also love that Be:Loved products are tested on people before they’re used on people. As they say, if they’re not good enough for us why should they be good enough for animals?

Now, if you have any eco-friendly hair products that you use I’d love to know about them. I love trying new products, seeing what they’re all about and maybe switching. Some advice I would give, make sure you shop around and don’t pay huge prices just because something says that it’s organic or vegan.

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