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Fancy Plants Plant-Based Vegan Desserts!

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So you’ll know I love everything vegan on Free From Squad and that’s exactly why I love these Fancy Plants vegan snack pots! Although I might have a lot of recipes to make your own vegan desserts, I do like to buy the occasional one because it’s convenient and time-saving!

I want to talk more about these dessert pots, for many reasons which honestly I feel are amazing selling points. However, I will start with the fact that they taste so darn good! A lot of people think that because something is plant based it’s going to be disgusting, they’re wrong!

These dessert pots are amazing in their taste, I’m having them after dinner as a little pudding and honestly, I couldn’t be happier. They don’t taste like they’re vegan and I’d happily get these over non-vegan desserts any day, they just need to start selling them in Aldi!

Why Do I Love Fancy Plants Desserts?

So taste is only one factor I look for these days. Something can taste amazing but can be 110% terrible for the environment and everyone in it and in that case I won’t buy it. Thankfully that’s not the case with these vegan desserts!

Not only are the pots 100% vegan but they’re also gluten free which I know a lot of people are always looking for! That means that basically anyone can enjoy these pots and I couldn’t be happier, something for the masses for once!

I also love the fact that these pots aren’t a one size fits all when it comes to flavours. They work with different flavours and I will say for the record that the chocolate silky pots are my favourite without a doubt. There’s something for everyone to enjoy and I love that!

The Best Vegan Desserts!

I have tried a few vegan desserts in my lifetime and some of them aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. These Fancy Plants desserts however currently take the 1st place spot in my eyes. They’re smooth, full of flavour and delivery everything you want in a vegan pudding.

You can get them in most Tesco stores so don’t forget to use your Clubcard when you buy them! They can also be purchased online at Tesco, Whole Foods Market and The Vegan Kind Supermarket. So now you know where to buy them, what are you waiting for?

Fancy Plants Body Benefits?

Now when we think about naughty vegan puddings we probably don’t think about health benefits, do we? That’s another reason I love these pots!

The Fancy Plants pudding pots contain prebiotics which helps good bacteria grow inside you and they’re also excellent sources of fibre and we all know why we need that in our life don’t we! If you want puddings with a health benefit, you’ve found them!

Seriously, I love these vegan puds and I can’t wait for my audience to try them and see what they’re like themselves. I don’t talk about anything I don’t like regardless of how much someone wants me to, what I promote I feel is 100% the best.

If you have any questions regarding Fancy Plants or want to know more just drop me a comment or email and I’ll be happy to answer anything that I can. More information can of course be found on the Fancy Plants website and I totally suggest you check them out!

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