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Food Lovers Christmas Gift Guide!

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If you’re a lover of both food and Christmas, you’re in the right place! There’s no better gift at Christmas than getting something you can either eat or use in the kitchen, which is why I put this guide together! If you have a food lover in your family but they never tell you what they want for Christmas, look no further because I’ve got you covered! I’m not going to waffle iron (see what I did there?!) let’s kick it off!

A Kitchen Fairytale Cook Book

If you know a book lover, and I’m mainly talking cookbooks, I have the thing for you! This cook book is filled with healthy recipes, great for vegetarians and everyone that want to follow a healthy lifestyle both in the life and in the kitchen. If you have a healthy friend to buy for that’s a little rebbel at the same time, think about the rule breakers guide, to stand up and stand out! Trust me, they’re the perfect book combination for Christmas that pretty much anyone will love!

A Kitchen fairtale cookbook, healthy cook book.

Future You Gastrolieve

Care about your body and want to do something to keep it fighting fit? I’m not normally one to talk about pills, however I believe in a good thing when I see it. I won’t go into details but I eat way too much and sometimes my stomach can’t keep up with me, these pills help with natural digestion and they’re a god send. Again no details but you should totally give them a go.

VASO Glass straws

If you’re eco friendly and you want something different from the normal plastic straws that are still out there, or the paper ones that literally fall apart in your mouth, try these glass straws. They’re totally different to metal straws, if you’re one of them people that bites their straws maybe buy these as a gift for someone else! They come in different sizes, however you’ll have to go look on their website for yourself, as they’re see through I can hardly take many photos!

Meater+ Digital thermometer

I can’t say we did a lot this BBQ season but that’s fine, I’m looking forward to next year when I can crack out this amazing meater thermometer, of course you don’t just use it for the BBQ but we British folk love a reason to get in the garden when the suns out! With this thermometer you’ll not have to worry about your food being under or over cooked ever again! Literally, get one. It’s a high end gift that anyone would love!

Meater+ Digital thermometer Christmas gift guide, Christmas gift idea

Cornish Sea Salt & Co Seasoned Salt

If you love cooking and you like to play around with flavours, seasoning and just making your food amazing; you need this. I’ve never thought about salt as part of the dish before and I normally forget it’s even there. However this salt is magic, the smoked sea salt brings the dish to life and gives it an amazing flavour, it’s my favourite from the set and a great foodie gift for a loved one or as part of a hamper!

Cornish Sea Salt & Co Seasoned Salt

 Zymurgorium Gin Experience Pack

If you want something for the gin lover in your life, don’t go anywhere because I’ve got the perfect thing and I mean PERFECT! The gin pack is available for purchase at Selfridges currently and it’s the perfect gift for someone who loves gin, or someone who wants to get into gin! Why go to the gym when you can have gin! Show someone you love them this year with amazing flavours and it’s only £22.99 which if you drink gin, you know is a good price.

 Zymurgorium Gin Experience Pack freefromsquad Christmas gift guide

Christmas Gift Giving

When it comes to Christmas gift giving I think you have more than enough ideas above for the foodie in your life. The thing I will say, which I always say around Christmas is that you should never get into debt because you want to get everyone a gift, people will understand if you can’t afford it or if you just want a nice, quiet Christmas! On that note, let me know what gift you’d most like to get and what you’re looking forward to this year.

Food Lovers Christmas Gift Guide!

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