Foodies Christmas Gift Guide

Some items have been gifted for this post.

Every year we have no idea what to buy someone, trust me I’ve been in that position so many times. This is why I put together this gift guide so that people can find something to get someone so much easier!

Playinchoc ToyChoc Boxes

Fancy something a little different in your children’s stocking this year? Take a look at these yummy, vegan chocolate boxes! Full of chocolate goodness and fun facts with toys! What’s not to like, they’re literally getting the best of both worlds! Give them a look and get yours before Christmas!

I’d also like to point out the fantastic price, they’re affordable and would make an amazing stocking filler and at the same time, they’re tons of fun!

Opies Foods

I love Opies food and can’t get enough of it, I’ve even made their cocktail cherries in a chocolate cherry fudge recipe! If you know someone who loves to bake I can’t stress this enough, get them some Opies and they’ll make you something tasty in return!

Opies are bringing out new flavours all the time and this year they have their very yummy pineapple in spiced rum. They’ve also been featured on Great British Bake Off a few times which I love to see. If you have a baking fan in your life, this is the best gift money can buy!

Peanut Hottie Peanut Butter Powder

Do you like baking with peanut butter? Well, I have just the thing for you, peanut butter powder. I didn’t know it was a thing but I’m so glad it is! You may have seen that I used it in my vegan peanut butter chocolate cookies recipe and they tasted amazing!

If you have a baking fan in the family, get them some of this! They’re affordable, taste great and would make the best stocking fillers! I’d be very pleased to get these in my stocking that’s for sure!

BodyHero Protein

Do you know someone who’s a big fan of Coldplay and working out? I have the perfect gift for you! This BodyHero is some of the finest protein I’ve tried for a long time, it doesn’t taste terrible and it does what I need it to. I even got some to gift to my sister who does weight lifting.

The protein is affordable compared to other brands and tastes a lot better without a doubt! If you have a gym fan in your family, get them some as nice stocking fillers! Oh, and the products were launched by Coldplay band member Guy Berryman, how cool!

Lost Sheep Coffee Nespresso Capsule | Gift Box Tower

Coffee lovers rejoice! If you have someone in your family that loves Nespresso coffee, these capsules are going to make them very happy. The best part about this tower is that the packaging is 100% recyclable which is amazing! The capsules are also 100% compostable. So you’re not left with single-use waste that’s going into the landfill!

So if you know an eco-conscious coffee lover, you have to get them this for Christmas! I’ve got one for someone in my life and I can’t wait to gift it! What are you waiting for, order now before it’s too late!

Great British Bake Off Calendars & More

If you love baking or you love the Great British Bake Off, this is your cup of tea for sure! I have a GBBO calendar up every year. Each month has a new recipe and they’re so much fun! Danilo has more calendars as well, more than just the GBBO ones and you have to take a look!

A calendar is the staple gift for everyone for Christmas in my opinion and you need to make sure you get someone a decent one that’s great value and better quality! Check out Danilo and get someone an amazing gift this Christmas!

They also have amazing notebooks and diaries. I love the Van Gough diary, each month features some amazing art. There’s loads of room to write all your appointments and I’m getting one for my mum who is always busy and has something to do! Do you know someone who could benefit from one?

Christmas Shopping

I hope I’ve given you loads of ideas for your gift giving this year, remember to buy someone something with thought and love. That being said don’t go getting yourself into debt just to give others debt. If you could have one thing off this list, what would it be?

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