Foodies Christmas Gift Guide

Some items have been gifted for this post.

Every year we have no idea what to buy someone, trust me I’ve been in that position so many times. Which is why I put together this gift guide so that people can find something to get someone so much easier!

Promise Gluten Free Breads

Not everyone can enjoy the same things in life and I’m one of them, which is why I love this bread, it’s gluten free, full of goodness and quite frankly tastes amazing. If you’ve got loved ones visiting this Christmas make sure you get your hands on some of this Promise gluten free bread and rolls so they can eat as well!

You can also pop into Sainsburys and pick yourself up some or order online. Don’t forget to save them nectar points as well, great for saving up for your Christmas shopping!

Promise gluten free bread

Aduna – Relax Cacao Tea

I love tea, can’t get enough of the stuff and I’m sure there’s a lot of likeminded people out there the same. This relaxing cacao tea is just the thing to hit the spot after a long day, it also tastes amazing in biscuits! If you really love someone and want them to have a blissful Christmas, get them some of this!

Vegan Curry Kits Spice pots

Who doesn’t love a curry! Making a curry can be expensive, hard work and getting the spices right can be even worse. It can be such a challenge knowing the amount of spices you need, that is why Spice Pots make things so much better. If you know someone that loves making a yummy curry get them these vegan curry pots, yes even vegans can eat curry!!

Nourished Healthy Vitamins

I’ve been looking to take control of my mental health and nourished vitamins are helping me do just that. You can sit down with a loved one, go through their easy questionnaire and find vitamins that are tailored to their profile! If they want to lose weight, they’ve got vitamins for that! Check out nourished vitamins and see how amazing they are!

Oggs Mince Pies

I LOVE MINCE PIES! There I said it, however, I can never enjoy them due to the amount of dairy in them. These vegan mince pies taste amazing and I can enjoy them (eating a whole box at a time isn’t a crime!). If you know someone just like me, get them these mince pies and put a smile on their face this Christmas!

Skinny Larger

Some people love a drink at Christmas although I know a lot of people are watching their figure at the same time and we do tend to throw caution to the wind when it comes to Christmas food! This premium larger only has 89 calories per bottle, which means you can sit back and enjoy without feeling guilty! If you’re hosting Christmas this year, add these to your shopping list and make everyone happy!

Cranes Cider Pack

If you want to give someone something amazing this Christmas, think about a cranes cider pack. I’ve already spoken about how amazing their gin is in my gins gift guide, well the cider is just as nice and shows someone you care when you get them one, what are you waiting for?

ToyChoc Boxes

Fancy something a little different in your children’s stocking this year? Take a look at these yummy, vegan chocolate boxes! Full of chocolate goodness and fun facts with toys! What’s not to like, they’re literally getting the best of both worlds! Give them a look and get yours before Christmas!

Bio-Synergy Lean & Green Vegan Protein

Know someone who hits the gym and loves getting them gains? I’d suggest this amazing vegan protein, the mint chocolate flavour is the best if you want my opinion, it tastes great and does the job well! Stuck on ideas for the gym lover? Not anymore!

Opies Foods

I love Opies food and can’t get enough of it, I’ve even made their cocktail cherries in a chocolate cherry fudge recipe! If you know someone who loves to bake I can’t stress this enough, get them some Opies and they’ll make you something tasty in return!

Lost Sheep Coffee

Know someone who can’t survive without coffee? Get them coffee with a purpose, all pods are 100% compostable so you’re not harming the enviroment with endless plastic stuffed in landfill! Not to mention, the coffee taste amazing so don’t miss out getting a loved one something yummy!

Buzzy Blends Flavoured Honey

I’m a big fan of flavours and when I found out about this honey I had to get some, it’s amazing. It comes in a variety of flavours and if you know someone who loves honey but is a little bored of the same old stuff, this is for them! 

Rubies Rubble Relish Gift Set

If you’re looking for something a little festive and very yummy as a gift, check out this amazing relish set! The apple relish is my favourite although you’ve got three in this set to pick from, get yourself one while you buy someone another! 

Great British Bake Off Calendars

If you’re a little like me and have to have a calendar in every room of the house so you don’t forget anything, these calendars are the ones you need! They have loads of space on them so you can plan away and won’t forget any upcoming birthdays, anniversaries or special occasions! If you have a forgetful friend, you MUST get them one of these! 

GBBO Calendars

Bradfords Everyday Hamper Box

If you want an all round gift this is the thing for you! I’ve already got another of these for a family member and I have to say the contents are amazing, just what you want and the presentation is superb. 

Epic Foodies Christmas Gift Guide - Bradfords Everyday Hamper Box

Christmas Shopping

I hope I’ve given you loads of ideas for your gift giving this year, remember to buy someone something with thought and love. That being said don’t go getting yourself into debt just to give others debt. If you could have one thing off this list, what would it be?

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