Get More Traffic & Business Growth by Going Green!

I am a very eco-conscious person, that’s why I do my business showcase every month where I highlight companies that are making a difference in their line of work and go green to make a positive impact on the environment. Not only am I loving the different ways companies are making a green impact, but others are also.

In America, two-thirds of USA people are shopping with companies that are going green due to their impact on the environment, over their competitors that are still trailing behind in the dust and producing plastic ridden products that do more harm than good.

The Importance Of Going Green For Business

There are loads of reasons as to why companies should be going green in their everyday practices. The obvious is the huge positive impact it has on the environment and our planet. Reducing plastic and cardon footprint is something people are trying to do daily to protect the earth and it’s something everyone should be doing.

Using materials from recycled items can be a more cost effective way of running a business, although you wouldn’t think it, buying recycled products can be far cheaper and look a lot better than products and packaging sourced away from green materials. Cardboard recycling, packaging recycling and even paper recycling resources can be used throughout a business and should be.

Finally people are looking at what they’re buying more. If you can happily and truthfully say that you’re using recycled products and packaging in your company, you’re much more likely to actually get customers, being eco friendly isn’t a “phase” and it’s something that’s growing daily, people want to know you’re doing your bit and they’ll happily spend their money if that’s the case.

Growing Online Traffic By Going Green

More and more people are shopping online, that’s no secret and companies have been aware of this for years. That being said there are still loads of companies that have no idea how to tap into online customer groups they could be making a fortune from and that’s one way a business will fail.

Search engines are much more likely to show shops that have a positive environmental impact. At the same time if people are smart shopping they will look out for things like “made from recycled cardboard”, “reduced plastic” or “vegan”. If you don’t have this in your shop listings and you’re not doing that, you’re going to see a halt in online growth and you will miss out on new customers.

Make sure you use the right materials at all times and make sure you online shop reflects this, people need information when they are shopping, it’s not just about free shipping these days. People are happy to pay for shipping if you’re using recycled packaging to send out your products trust me!

7 Million Tonnes of Cardboard is Wasted to Landfill Yearly in the UK, it’s quite simple, people want to see it come to an end. Do you want to be part of the problem or part of the solution?