Grüum Self Care Products Review

Grüum Self Care Products Review – Business Showcase

Gifted products – these products have been sent to me for my business showcase. All views are 100% my own!

So keeping clean is a fundamental part of life, I would think everyone is on the same page about that right? Well, that’s why I couldn’t wait to talk about Grüum in one of my Business Showcase features! I’ve used Grüum in the past and I love them.

They keep bringing out new products that are just purely amazing. I can’t get enough and that’s why I thought my followers would love to hear about them more. The thing I love about Grüum is that their products mean something, they hold value to the environment and the people who care about the planet will see just that.

Grüum Hair Products!

So I’m always up for trying new products but I won’t like them. When I heard about these shampoo and conditioner bars I was a little taken back. I’ve never thought about washing my hair with bars before, it’s always been in liquid form and I didn’t think that was something I’d want to change!

However, after trying them I have to say I’ve been swayed. I’m not saying they’re amazing and everyone should start using them right now! The thing is, change doesn’t happen overnight but if there’s one thing I would say is that you have to give these a try, don’t knock them if you’ve never actually used them!

I will say I’m more partial to using the Grüum conditioner as it just makes my hair nice and smooth and if you use dye on your hair often, you’ll understand the importance of good conditioner afterwards!

Grüum Hair Products!

Grüum Facial Products!

A good facial is important to me but it can be impossible to find decent products that do good for your face and don’t leave it looking the same as when you started. Grüum sent me some amazing face products and I can’t shout about them enough! They’re truly amazing and have done wonders for my skin!

Their exfoliating face wash is just the thing you want to be using if you’ve got blackheads! My noes has been terrible in the past and since using this, it’s a lot better which I’m living for! It combats dryness and oiliness, is cruelty free and totally vegan which is great.

Grüum have a whole range of facial products that you just have to take a look at! I’ve ordered some more because it’s that good and I’m always very conscious about trying new products so that says a lot!

Grüum Facial Products!

Why I Love Grüum

There are various reasons as to why Grüum is one of my favourite skincare brands to be using at the moment, the obvious one is that their products work and they work well. My face feels amazing after using these products and my dyed hair is nice and soft!

I will also point out that Grüum is vegan and cruelty-free which means a lot to me. They source as many natural ingredients as possible for their products and they believe in using products and materials that will benefit the environment.

Not to mention that Grüum make products within the UK, which means you’re not waiting forever to get them once you’ve placed an order! They are great products, affordable prices and they make a difference to the earth we live on! What’s not to like!

Grüum Self Care Products Review

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