Healthy Coconut Balls Recipe Easy Snacks Recipes

Healthy Coconut Balls Recipe – Easy Snacks Recipe

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Now that I’ve been home for a while I’ve been trying to find healthy snack recipes and it’s quite impossible because they’re normally packed with so much sugar my teeth might fall out! This healthy snack recipe does use a lot of coconut, so if you’re not a fan of coconut recipes you might just want to duck out now!

These coconut snowballs are the perfect yummy snack to have everyone energised and you can make them at Christmas and say they’re festive for the whole family! Coconut balls are just a bunch of fun, they’re sticky and a total mess to make. Children will love making them and hopefully eating them as well! This coconut balls recipe requires 3 ingredients and takes little time and effort!

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Now this recipe makes around 18 healthy coconut balls, which means you’ve got enough to feed the whole family and probably take some to work as well to keep your colleagues happy. These are coconut balls with condensed milk, which is probably the only unhealthy thing in this. I use organic sun-dried apricots for this recipe to make sure they’re packed with more goodness!

Now if you wanted to make these a little naughtier then you can make these coconut balls covered in chocolate although, with this recipe, I’d either use dark or milk chocolate as white chocolate would just blend in. These coconut bounty balls would be a lot nicer with chocolate although not so healthy so keep that in mind!

Easy Healthy Snack Recipes

I’ve never made coconut apricot balls before but I think I did pretty well, they’re super easy I did it on my first attempt so I’m sure you’ll have no problem at all! Healthy snack recipes for kids are hard to get although these are great, just don’t let them eat loads in one go otherwise they’re not so healthy; still healthier than a bar of chocolate.

I hope you enjoy this quick and easy snack recipe, from all the quick and easy snack recipes that I’ve done, I’d have to say this is one of the yummiest and everyone I’ve forced to eat one has said the same. Next on the list will be apricot balls recipe although I need different apricots for that as the organic sun-dried apricots are darker in colour but so much tastier!

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Healthy Coconut Balls Recipe Easy Snacks Recipes

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