Hotel Chocolat Hot chocolate Velvetiser Review

Hotel Chocolat The Velvetiser – Hotel Chocolat Hot Chocolate Review

Christmas 2020 I got a few bits that I’ve wanted for years and the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser has been on my wishlist for about 3 years now and I have to say I was over the moon when I opened it up on Christmas day and got a load of hot chocolate sachets with it and I couldn’t wait to try it out.

Now as I have a food blog I thought it was only fair to my readers if I did a little review on it, the The Velvetiser – Charcoal Edition is currently £99.95 on the Hotel Chocolat website; which is the one that I have. Now I have seen dupes of this machine, one from Aldi which was £30 I believe, so if you don’t care about the “name brand” extension of the product, totally get it cheaper.

This Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate machine has been used around 30 times in the last two weeks in our home now so that kind of speaks volumes but I want to talk about the pros and cons of this nifty machine and let you make up your mind on if you want it or not! If you’re already set on buying one, may I suggest getting the Hotel Chocolat The Velvetiser from Amazon.

The Velvetiser Review

The Hotel Chocolat The Velvetiser has now become a little addition to our kitchen and it has been used but there are some things that I love about it and other things that I would totally change with it, first, however, I think I’ll talk about The Velvetiser positives.

The Velvetiser Pros

Hotel Chocolat Sachets – I’ve found that there are some amazing flavours, the Hotel Chocolat mint sachet is amazing, so flavoursome and one of my favourites. Whereas the other half likes the Hotel Chocolat salted caramel sachet the most. There’s something for everyone and it’s pretty decent Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate.

Hotel Chocolat Hot chocolat machine design – the Hotel Chocolat velvetiser machine is made so well. It’s tough, sturdy and isn’t going to break easily and the handle extension is perfect for picking it up and moving it without burning yourself. The lid fits on tight and won’t fall off easily either. It just looks amazing and it comes in different colours to suit everyone!

How to use The Velvetiser – it’s made really simple, I mean it comes with instructions but all you really need to do is fill it up to the line with your milk of choice and one sachet, then press the button and away it goes.

The Velvetiser Cons

Hotel Chocolat The Velvetiser Price – I hate the price of this hot chocolate machine, it’s rather expensive. You can get the Hotel Chocolat velvetiser Amazon or use a good Hotel Chocolat velvetiser discount code if you can find one but they’re few and far between.

Hotel Chocolat The Velvetiser Heat Issues – so I like to have a hot chocolate that’s really hot and I have to leave it for at least 5 minutes to cool down. The problem I have with this machine is that the hot chocolate is ready to drink as soon as it’s done and it needs to be way hotter. I haven’t found a heat function for The Velvetiser yet however so if you know a way to change it, let me know in the comments!

Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate sachets price – I said before that the hot chocolate is pretty decent and they have a range of flavours to die for. That being said the hotel Chocolat sachets are mega expensive and you can get a tub of mint hot chocolate from Tesco for £2, I’ve done it and it works just as well. So the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser sachets are a little too expensive for my taste.

Hotel Chocolat The Velvetiser Review – My Opinion

So I would give this machine a solid 4 stars out of a possible 5 and that’s my honest opinion. After I look at all the pros and cons of the Velvetiser machine I can’t give it 5 stars but it is pretty close. That being said it’s not something I could justify buying myself and that’s why I asked for it for Christmas and got it as a gift, the one time of year I can ask for the things that I want but can’t justify buying.

You can always buy a basic hot chocolate machine off of Amazon if you’re not bothered about the name brand, they do pretty much the same thing and you can spend the money you save on some different kinds of hot chocolate, from different brands!

I will say if you’re looking to buy the machine, take a look on Amazon. There might be a Hotel Chocolat The Velvetiser discount code on there and there are loads of other wonderful items on the Hotel Chocolat Amazon store!

Hotel Chocolat The Velvetiser Review

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