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Kanula Fashion Review Eco Clothing – Business Showcase

Gifted – I was gifted this product for my business showcase series, all views and opinions are my own!

If there’s one thing I like, it’s buying clothes! I am terrible at it and sometimes I get clothes that don’t even fit because “I’ll fit them one day”! However lately I’ve been more aware of the clothing I buy and I do my research. I know a lot of people have started to not buy any new clothes like Debroah Medean from Dragons Den.

I think my goal for 2022 will be to buy no clothes unless I really have to and to also sort out the clothes that I do have, there’s no point buying what we don’t need and hoarding what we don’t wear right!? Another thing I’m going to start doing is buying from eco friendly and sustainable retailers who actually give back, which is why I love Kanula and everything they do.

Who Are Kanula Fashion?

I can start by telling you that Kanula aren’t a fast fashion company and they care about their clothing and the people who purchase them. Kanula actually donates 8% of every sale they make towards the Sea Turtle Conservancy charity, they’re committed to giving back to the community and one of the cutest animals ever!

Kanula only use materials that result in no plastic waste, and I think we can all agree there’s way too much plastic in our oceans and on the streets. It’s easy to see that Kanula actually cares about their products and are in it for the community every step of the way until it your purchase lands on your capable hands.

Kanula Ultra Premium Zip Hoodie

So I was gifted one of the Kanula premium hoodies and I will say they’re 110% premium and there’s no lie there! I won’t beat around the bush, it’s like being cuddled by a big, fluffy cloud! I will also say that I love the fact it arrived plastic free, in recyclable material and was folded to perfection! It will never be folded that well ever again!

The hoodie also comes with some pretty amazing perks! Ever have your hands get cold when you’re outside? This hoodie comes with thumb holes!! You’re now able to keep your hands heated with your very thick and very warm hoodie! I mean what’s not to love.

The Kanula hoodie also comes in sizes XS – 6XL so there’s literally a size for everyone and there’s a handy size guide on all product pages so you’ll never get confused about what size you need! This hoodie currently comes in 10 different colours so you’re spoilt for choice, why not get two while you’re there?

Why Buy Eco Clothing

I find it super important to either buy eco friendly clothing, clothing from second hand shops or don’t buy clothing at all. The UK is the fourth largest in the world for clothing waste! That’s terrible in my opinion and buying clothes we don’t need is only part of the problem.

The clothes we buy have no positive impact on our lives or the people around us. Next time you want a new hoodie, maybe think about getting an eco friendly, plastic free hoodie from Kanula that donates to charity and save money on fuel, don’t go to Primark!