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Locks In Goodness – Business Of The Month February

I’m super excited today to be talking about a nifty company, Locks in Goodness. As you know every month I’m talking about a new brand or business that have amazing products and does their part for the environment and the world we live in.

Locks In Goodness Review

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t talk about the products and the business in a little more detail would I! I have to say I’m very excited to be working with this brand, they know what they’re doing!

Let’s focus on the main reason I love this company shall I? Their products are 100% vegan, organic and eco-friendly. Their products are also plant based so you know they’re not filled with nasty chemicals!

I’m the kind of person who dyes their hair a lot, it gets worn out and I actually worry about the chemicals and random products people use. I believe it’s very important to know what we’re putting on our skin and checking the ingredients is one way to do that, the ingredients for these are plain to see and all good!

Natural Hair Care & Styling Gift Set

So for this post, I was sent an amazing gift set to talk about, try out and use and see what it’s like. I’m not a child, that’s obvious however my little brother who is 7 happens to be the perfect candidate for this, so I got his opinion as well!

So the Locks in Goodness gift set is £45.49 and worth every penny if not more! It’s presented amazingly, would make the perfect gift and I can’t praise that side of the product enough! Christmas comes every year!

The gift set includes the following, literally taken off of the product description and you can see it in the picture above, all great quality and looking vibrant and full of life!

The gift set includes one tube of shampoo, conditioner, hair smoothie, hair gel, bamboo brush and satin scrunchies. The hair brush is amazing for all children as well not just girls!

Locks In Goodness Products

Let’s talk a little about the products in the gift set. Keep in mind that you can buy all products individually as well if you run out or just want to try something and not get a full set.

Locks In Goodness Shampoo & Conditioner

The thing I love about these children’s organic shampoo and conditioner is just that, they’re organic, vegan and not full of terrible chemicals like sulphate and silicone which can be damaging to hair.

If we look away from the fact that the Locks in Goodness Shampoo and Locks in Goodness Conditioner is cruelty-free, vegan and made of 100% recyclable material the design is also pretty cool!

If you’re a parent sat there thinking, can adults use children’s shampoo? Yes, they can, don’t feel guilty about using this shampoo for yourself, I wouldn’t!

Locks In Goodness Hair Smoothie & Hair Gel

I want to talk about the Locks in Goodness hair smoothie first. It is literally award-winning! It won “The green parent natural beauty awards 2020 best buys” award. I’ll also say it’s a great product. My brother has curly hair and he uses this to get rid of the knots and it really does work wonders!

The Locks in Goodness hair gel is equally as amazing and I won’t lie, I’ve tried it myself and it works really well. Holds hair in place and it’s also great if you want to style your hair as my brother did, it was wild!

Locks In Goodness Bamboo Brush & Hair Scrunchies

If you know anyone that uses a hairbrush often they’ll soon tell you that a decent hairbrush is hard to find, well I’ve found one so you can stop looking! This Locks in Goodness bamboo hairbrush works really well and would make an epic gift as well!

I’ve got short hair so I can’t say I’ve tried the Locks in Goodness satin hair scrunchies myself, however, I can say they’re super soft, stretchy enough but hold their shape and they look amazing!

Why I Love Locks In Goodness Products

So you’ve seen me talk about the products a little bit but I wanted to talk about why I love the Locks in Goodness brand and what makes them special. I’m not just another person talking about a boring brand!

As I’ve said before all of the products are vegan, organic and crutley free. Which means not only are they using safe ingredients and no harmful stuff but they’re also giving back to the enviroment, more than you can say about most brands.

I hardly ever see brands that target products like this towards children. The market is saturated with toys, books and clothing but it’s rare to see good children’s hygiene products and if there are, they’re full of harmful chemicals and ingredients you really don’t want your children to use!

Finally, I love the artwork, it’s inviting, something a child would literally pick up in-store if they saw it and it gets them thinking about self-care and hygiene and let’s face it, they don’t teach us this in school so someone has to.

So what I’m trying to say, if you are stuck on Christmas gifts this year and don’t want to get another generic child’s toy, think about Locks in Goodness and get something that shows you care, put thought into it and makes a huge difference to everyone.

Locks In Goodness Childrens vegan Hair Products

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