Chocolate Malteser fudge recipe

Malteser Fudge Recipe

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I’ve been wanting to make Malteser fudge in so long and I’ve not finally got round to making it! Plus its slow cooker Malteser fudge and it’s to die for, who wouldn’t want some yummy chocolate fudge! If you fancy a little more for your bite you could always make a nice Malteser fudge slice, but I like bite size pieces, better to enjoy and you won’t feel so guilty after!

Malteser Fudge Recipe

Now it doesn’t matter if you’re making fudge or looking for a Malteser fudge slice recipe, it can be used for both. The great thing about this fudge recipe is that it’s super easy to make, it’s a slow cooker fudge recipe which means it’s minimal effort and lots of yummy chocolate fudge at the end! This easy Malteser fudge is the perfect thing when you want something and don’t want to spend forever making it. Not to blow my own trumpet either but this has to be one of the best easy Malteser fudge recipe about!

Now don’t add the Malteser balls until the very end, make sure the mixture is in the silicone tray, evenly spread and then add the balls. Push them down so you have an even amount throughout and then put the mixture into the fridge to set. I use a silicone baking tray to make it easy, I found that using anything else the fudge would stick and it would be impossible to cut the fudge into pieces, this silicone baking tray for me is the only way to make fudge and also flapjacks!

Malteser Fudge Recipe

Chocolate Malteser Fudge

This chocolate Malteser fudge recipe is to die for and I hope you enjoy it as well. I haven’t tried doubling up the mixture but I’m sure you can make more if you wanted. I will say that there are a few things you should avoid to make sure the fudge sets properly and without any issues.

  • Try not to mix chocolate, if you’re using 400g chocolate keep it the same and go for a high quality like cadbury.
  • Add a little powdered sugar/icing sugar to the mixture, around 50g will do it.
  • Make sure you weigh the ingredients out and don’t skimp otherwise the texture will be off.

If the mixture is a little sticky try cutting it up into squares or slices and then adding it to the fridge, if that doesn’t work I would put it in the freezer for a bit before serving. If you make this yummy fudge recipe, take a picture and tag me in it on Instagram; I’d love to see what you’ve created!

Slow Cooker Malteser Fudge Recipe

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