Mediterranean Chicken Bake {Dairy Free}

Mediterranean Chicken Tray Bake {Dairy Free, Low Calories}

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The year of 2020 will see me doing a lot more dinners, I love my desserts but I can’t live off them forever! So that’s why I’m kicking 2020 off with this dairy free chicken bake which is totally simple and easy to make, who doesn’t love easy dinner recipes when you’ve got so much going on!? I’m also going to be doing a lot more dairy free dinner recipes, dairy is something I try and cut out when possible so it makes sense to do as many dairy free recipes as I can.

Chicken Tray Bake

Out of all the dinners I’ve made, I have to say this is a really easy chicken tray bake and I love it. It doesn’t take that long to prepare or cook and it looks amazing by the end. There are different parts of the chicken you can use for this, I know some people like to use chicken thighs although this is a chicken breast tray bake as I find them easier to work with and in my case it saves me time. If you’re looking for tray bake dinner ideas though, this is one of my favourites by a long shot. Plus a really nice dairy free tray bake!

Dairy Free Dinners

This is a really simple dairy free dinner, it’s easy to make and it’s great for people who can’t have dairy, also a lactose free dinner for people who can’t have the lactose part of dairy, depending on your dietary requirements. Dairy free recipes are something that I’m working on in 2020 and dairy free dinner recipes will be the ones I’m aiming for, although if you want a dairy free cake I’d take a look at my Vegetarian Carrot Cake Recipe {Dairy Free, Vegetarian} because it’s super yummy!

Fat Free Dinners & Low Calorie Dinners

Although this dinner isn’t 100% fat free it is a low calorie dinner, with only 370 calories per portion. Due to the fat coming from the chorizo so that no extra fat is needed to cook the dish. This dish serves four portions as well so there’s enough for everyone. Low calorie food is something I’m more passionate about in 2020 and I’ll be making more low carloie meals in the future.

Mediterranean Chicken Tray Bake {Dairy Free, low calories}

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