Mint chocolate fudge recipe

Mint Chocolate Fudge Recipe

I love fudge, you might have been able to tell from all my fudge recipes that I have, this mint fudge happens to be one of my favourite, along with the Slow Cooker Toblerone Fudge Recipe I have, I can’t get enough! When it comes to chocolate fudge I love adding all sorts into them, you can really do anything you want with these chocolate fudge recipes.

Peppermint fudge is to die for, however I must stress not to add too much flavouring otherwise it can be a little overpowering and you want the fudge to be enjoyable after all. I have a yummy mint aero fudge recipe although this one is totally different and still super yummy! It’s important to make sure you use good quality food colouring, otherwise it will look pale and not as yummy.

If you’re thinking about making this mint fudge recipe I’d suggest getting a silicone baking tray, they’re easier to use and easier to transfer the fudge in and out of making life so much easier in the process! It’s the only one I use when making fudge and I’d be lost without it. So if you’re looking at how to make mint fudge, this makes it easier!

This chocolate mint fudge slice recipe is really nice, I can’t stop myself eating it and if you make it you’ll need to make sure you have others to share it with or you might end up eating the lot and this recipe makes loads! Mint chocolate fudge is a firm favourite for most people I know and I don’t think you can go wrong with it really.

I use milk and white chocolate in mine, however I know some people would prefer to make dark chocolate mint fudge, you can do this and just change the milk chocolate for dark chocolate, making it into a dark chocolate mint fudge recipe, it’s a simple and versatile recipe for all!

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Mint chocolate fudge recipe slow cooker fudge

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