Mixed Spice Vegan Christmas Cookies {Egg Free, Dairy Free}

Mixed Spice Vegan Christmas Cookies {Egg Free, Dairy Free}

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, which is why I love to mix it with some baking! I can’t get enough of these yummy vegan Christmas cookies and I hope you love them too. I’ve been making cakes and cookies for as long as I can remember, you might notice a slight trend on the website as well. I have a sweet tooth and I love it. Some people might call these vegan christmas biscuits but I beg to differ. These are also perfect if you can’t get your hands on any vegan christmas sweets and you need to make some of your own! They’re a whole treat for the family and I encourage you to give them a try.

I’m fed up though of finding so many yummy recipes for Chrsitmas time and none of them being suitable for me and others to enjoy. Christmas is my favourite time of year so I thought I might try my hand at a few yummy vegan recipes and kicking them off with these Christmas cookies. I’m also on the look out for even more yummy vegan Christmas treats, any ideas just let me know!

I love these so much I’m probably going to make some on the run up to Christmas and give them out for my family. They would make an amazing vegan Christmas snack if people get hungry on the day or want them on boxing day after all the christmas chaos! I have to ask though, do people still use xmas? I just think vegan xmas cookies doesn’t sound right, not sure why but I just prefer Christmas cookies and not xmas cookies; sounds better I suppose.

I’ve used mixed spice in them because to me that shouts Christmas, one sniff and I want to wrap up presents next to the Christmas tree and sing along to Miriah Carey! As always if you want to make more of these just double the recipe, maybe you have friends and family over for Christmas or you just want to take some into work to get everyone in the festive spirit? Either way these are just the thing!

Now I prefer them plain, although if you fancy icing them I’d suggest using some vegan friendly icing sugar or some vegan white chocolate, it can be found although might be a little difficult to do so. That’s the problem with Vegan and free from food, it’s so expensive! That’s why I like making these recipes which don’t cost a fortune and that way you can enjoy your vegan sweet treats and not mortage your house twice over! I’m also thinking about making some more vegan holiday cookies, such as halloween because everyone loves a treat and not a trick!

I’m looking foward to a more vegan christmas this year, with a lot more vegan christmas baking in the mix as well. I’ve always followed traditional christmas recipes but it will be nice to make my own tradition vegan christmas recipes from now on. So watch this space because I’m sure there will be more vegan christmas desserts heading your way!

I have to stress, as I’ve been stung recently. Please make sure that all the ingrdients that you’re using are 100% vegan, sometimes they change the ingridents and they don’t bother to tell the general public who have been buying the product and aren’t expecting such big changes! If you enjoyed these vegan christmas cookies then let me know in the comments, as ever if you want to make even more just double everything!

Mixed Spice Vegan Christmas Cookies {Egg Free, Dairy Free}

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