Mothers Day Gift Guide

Some products were gifted for inclusion. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Mother’s day comes once a year but our mums are there every day! It’s important to get your mum something amazing for mothers day however it can be tricky deciding what to actually get her! I’ve made this little list of eco-friendly products for you to take a look at so you can gift your mum something amazing but at the same time do your bit to help sustain our amazing planet.

ARRAN Cedarwood & Citrus 35cl Candle

Who doesn’t love candles? I’ve grown away from buying candles from big chain stores that hammer them out at £1 a candle because they aren’t sustainable, they damage the planet and you can say they’re a bit like fast fashion and not worth it! Instead, I go for top quality candles, that look, feel and smell amazing like this one from ARRAN Sense of Scotland!

Each candle gives you up to 35 hours of burning time, double what some of the big stores offer! The tins are totally recyclable and the glass posts can be recycled or used for another purpose. If your mum loves gardening then she can turn it into a pot for a plant! Get your mum something this mothers day that she’s going to appreciate, get her this candle!

ARRAN sense of scotland candle

VEX Gift Card

Want to get your mum a gift card but not sure what to get her? I’ve been there, I think we all have! Take a look at this all in one gift card! Instead of getting your mum a ton of gift cards which is a huge waste of plastic and card, you can get her a VEX Gift Card!

You can top up the VEX Gift Card, give it to your mum and she’s able to use the money to buy her own gift cards. They can be from the same place or from multiple stores. The best part is, she can have the gift cards sent to her email so it doesn’t need printing. This VEX Gift Card got used for Asda and the voucher was sent online. There was no hassle and it was super easy! Don’t waste energy on multiple gift cards, get the VEX Gift Card for your mum this Mothers day!

VEX gift card


Let’s not beat around the bush. Going to the toilet is something we all have to do and let’s face it, it can smell! Funny story, I have given some of this to my mum in the past, the Christmas edition. She ended up thinking it was her perfume one day due to the bright bottle and used it. It wasn’t until she got home that she realised what she’d done but everyone had complimented her on her perfume so that says something!

The bottles look great, they are fully recyclable and they have a real purpose. Some people might think this is a weird gift but if your mum has a sense of humour and wants gifts that actually do something, this is the gift you have to get her this Mothers day! Don’t hang about, get your mum some Poo-Pourri!!


Reusable Sanitary Pads

I’m not going to lie, when I gave my mum these there was a little fight. My sister wanted some as well because she thought they were amazing, totally worth getting to save on money and was annoyed I didn’t give them to her instead of my mum so I think that says it all!

These are practical, they obviously save a lot of waste from landfills and a lot of money long term. They use recycled materials which means even less waste ends up in the bin which is great. They are a super sustainable company and to be honest, I’m not sure there’s anything to dislike! I know some people won’t like these but my mum loves them and that’s why you should be getting your own mum some for Mothers day!

Mothers Day Ideas!

I’ve kept the list short and sweet. I didn’t want to flood it with ideas that have no benefit to the environment or planet and I wanted to make sure it had ideas that your mum is going to love. Let me know what you think of these ideas or if you have any others you want to put forward!