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Perfect Homemade Red Currant Jam

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In summer 2019 we decided to check out Blagton Farm in Weymouth to do the pick your own fruit, however, we soon found out that although they had no strawberries, loganberries, raspberries or blackberries they did have an abundance of red currants! We look home around 4lbs of red currant berries for just under £9 and I immediately wanted to make red currant jam, homemade red currant jam to be honest.

If you’re looking for a simple red currant jam recipe you’ve come to the right place, red currant jam isn’t something you can typically find in stores so it’s nice to be able to make your own homemade red currant jam or red currant jelly as it’s known in the states.

Vegan Red Currant Jam

So the best thing about this recipe is that it’s 100% vegan! The fruit is picked fresh outside, or you can buy it in-store if there’s nowhere to pick your own fruit. If you make sure the sugar you use is a vegan sugar you don’t have anything to worry about, this really is a nice vegan red currant jam recipe! If you fancy another nice vegan recipe I’d take a look at my vegan chocolate chip banana bread recipe!

Simple Red Currant Jam Recipe

So this recipe does take a bit of time to make, I won’t sugar coat that! However, it really is an easy red currant jam recipe. The most you have to do is take the stems off of the berries before you cook them and just keep an eye on it while it simmers! I will be looking at making some more red currant recipes in the future so if you can think of any just let me know in the comments!

Red Currants

Red currants aren’t sold in the majority of supermarkets in the UK, this is due to them having a short life span after being picked; even if they’re still attached to their stems. In fact if you’re thinking, where to buy red currant jam you’ll be frustrated when you don’t find it in the supermarket, in fact, your best option is to find an independent health store and hope for the best or buy red currant jam on Amazon and even then you won’t find much!

If you want a seedless red currant jam you’ll find it best to purchase a food mill that will take the stems and seeds out of your red currants for seedless red currant recipes. I don’t mind if my fruit jam recipes still have the seeds but it’s a personal preference. If you’re picking your own red currants make sure you give them a good wash first.

Perfect Homemade Red Currant Jam

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