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Saving The Planet With Planet Buddies – Business Showcase

Carrying on with my amazing business of the month series I’m over the moon to showcase some of the amazing range from Planet Buddies, who I quite frankly love and love everything about! Every year we spend a fortune on gifts for people and so much waste goes in the bin and fills landfills, it’s sad.

Planet Buddies totally eliminates that waste that ends up in landfills with their amazing 100% recyclable packaging. They use no plastic in their product packaging and that’s something I can get behind. If you’re buying your children something for Christmas or their birthday you can rest assured that buying Planet Buddies products means you’re doing your bit for the environment!

Planet Buddies Eco-Friendly Products

Over the years I’ve made sure that I start buying smarter and not just cheaper. I know we all love a bargain but sometimes the bargains come with a whole load of plastic waste! I want to start buying products where the packaging is totally recyclable and that’s what’s on offer when you buy a Planet Buddies product.

All the Planet Buddies products are high quality and built to last. You don’t have to replace them every year and you won’t be paying out for more and more. Meaning that fewer products end up in the bin and we can rest easy knowing that we won’t have to fork out even more money in years to come!

I’m going to shout about a couple of the Planet Buddies products and you can bet your money that there’s a theme going on here, if you like Penguins you’re in the right place!

Pepper the Penguin Bluetooth Speaker

If your child is into listening to music, this is the ideal gift. Actually, can I stop saying children or child for one minute! I’d love this speaker for myself and let’s face it if you’re a fan of Penguins you might want it as well no matter the age!

The speaker says to have up to 4 hours worth of battery, however, I think it does better but I’ll go with what it says on the box! There are no issues with connecting and I have to say it’s so easy a child could literally do it themselves. My brother is 7 and he managed it without any issues!

It’s a super cute speaker, anyone would love it as a gift. The packaging is 100% recyclable, it’s got a long run time without the need to be plugged in all the time and there’s even a built-in microphone for hands-free call handling. You’re getting the full package with this speaker and did I mention it’s super cute!!

Pepper the Penguin Bluetooth Speaker

Pepper the Penguin Tablet Cushion Stand

So are all children the same these days? Give them a tablet or phone and they’ll be quiet for hours, my brother is that’s for sure! There’s one thing I love about this stand, it promotes good posture and reduces neck and upper back strength, and let’s face it, children slouch when they use their tablets.

The stand is made from soft, high-quality fabric so it’s not going to catch your child or hurt them in any way and I think that’s a huge win. It’s big enough to hold a whole host of sized gadgets and it’s got pockets on it to hold anything like pencils or cables. Also, it’s super cute and the packaging is 100% recyclable.

It makes the perfect gift and I can bet most parents will be over the moon with it, I mean it’ll keep their children sat in the same place and keep them quiet! It comes in different designs but as I said, there’s a Penguin theme!

Pepper the Penguin Tablet Cushion Stand

Planet Buddies

So you’ve seen a couple of their products so you can make an informed decision on what you think. I will say that they feel high quality and aren’t going to fall apart because let’s face it a lot of children’s toys break easily. I love that the packaging is 100% recyclable and you can really teach your children a thing or two about the environment through that.

The Planet Buddies prices are really fair compared to some of the other items on the market, a lot of other products are full of plastic, overpriced and break within a few months! You don’t want that, buy Planet Buddies instead. They have so many other items to pick from and I’d totally suggest looking at their full range to see what they have to offer!

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